Wednesday morning Katy and I headed to the Bear Creek pulloff in Alabama to take wildflower photos.

They had just MOWED it.

So we went to look at places to get in and out of the creek for a float trip.


I was convinced this was a turtle. :(

There was much discussion about the handles in the doorways under the bridge. Why are they there? Secret Door Society!

We drove around for 2 hours, until Emma was close to starvation, then headed back to camp to share our discoveries and make a group decision on where to float.

New config. Not one kid is in their actual own hammock. And there are more hammocks up.

After we decided to wait until around 3 to go tube, I packed myself a few snacks and some drinks, my ereader and notebook and toddled on off to my hammock for the rest of the morning.
Kurt and Sammy took all of the big kids to play disc golf, so I had zero things to take care of.

While I waited for the ephiphany to strike, I came up with a porno plot called 'Rednekkid'.
It needs some work, but I may just set that idea to the side for a while.

Amanda loaded up her two littles and went to explore the campground and let Bird fall asleep, so it was Katy, me and Inde and all was quiet for a while.

I drank my ephiphany and waited for it to hit while I watched the local wildlife.

the stump turtle bale was sunning again

The Canada geese grazed and their gooselet waddled around adorably.
The ducks KEPT attacking them! It happened 5-6 times in an hour and then not again after that, I don't know what happened.

Only a few of the water stumps had turtles this time around.

Mars longed for a swan sandwich on duck buns


3 o'clock rolled around and we yanked on suits and piled in cars. We decided we would float one mile from a parking area just the AL border down to the Bear Creek picnic area pullout.
This put-in spot was the only one we had not actually gotten out and looked at, but we could see the creek from the road and opted to be optimistic about access.
We were not sure what the official word on getting in the creek from National Park property was, so we tried to be fast and not draw loads of attention-though with 14 people all walking around with bright floats, that was impossible.
Luck was on our side and we were not stopped as we zipped to the water. Amanda and Bird went on down to the parking area to ride us back to the other cars.

The last of the group stealthily making their way to the creek.

It was not too bad getting in-though COLD-and muddy and...covered in poison ivy.
I decided the creek would wash away that little issue!

The kids had a ball, well, we all did I think, but they explored the creek banks, climbed a tree, checked out rock bars and gathered up to look at some cypress knees. They pointed out turtles and birds and trees and generally yammered and played the whole time.

It seemed like just a few minutes and the float was over. But it was the perfect length of time and everyone was ready to get out and play in the water.

Chan paired off with Bird or Inde most of the trip, it was funny to see her in little kid mode, she has always avoided them before.
Bird is particularly fun right now because he's like a parrot.

I found a few flowers that escaped the SWATH OF MOWERS

At camp it was cookout night with hot dogs and s'mores!
I toasted mine PERFECTLY. I was stoked.

5 hammocks up now in Camp Hammock.


The toasty fire!