Up not too early on Tuesday morning. I slept really well the whole week!

I loved the way we were all set up and could access the whole peninsula as play and lounge space. The first thing we did was put the picnic tables together to make a big eating and gaming area. Then the kids set up Camp Hammock for the sleepers, I hung Ben and Chan's hammocks up the hill a bit to lounge in to watch movies and chat. Mine was way around the bend under Amanda's campsite, which I am sure thrilled her to no end. She hung hers up the hill from mine a good ways to give us both space, so we ended up yelling a good bit. hahaha!

Config 1. Jake using Alex as a pillow, Rho and Elan still sacked out.

Mars and Coury, Duck Watchers Inc.
NiaBee was going to come and just before we were set to leave, she rolled in something VILE and was sticky, damp and smelled like a ghoul. She stayed home.

My view, I am Bird watching...ha.

Config 2. Jake sacked out in Rho's hammock and using her as a blanket. Emma and Elan chatting with Alex and Chan, Ben has just gotten awake to join them.

Snake sighting! I run to investigate. There is much discussion. Kurt thinks venomous, Sammy arrives to weigh in. I say watersnake. I took a zoomed in shot of the eyeball-round! Water snake, harmless. We watch them a while (there was more than one!) and they swam off.


Katy and I picked up lots of broken glass, it seems previous campers liked smashing bottles on the fire pit rocks.

Config 3. Now Jake is swinging a paddle and Chan is jamming.
Alex and Ben are in Jake's hammock, Rho and Emma in hers and Elan is hanging out alone.
I loved how they flowed around all week.

Poison ivy was everywhere! The kids opted to ignore this fact all week and I think it worked.
Despite the thousands of very healthy specimens, no one here broke out-including me and I was wading in it more than once for a picture.

4 strings, 3 chords and endless fun! Get a uke today!


I had thrown out a couple options for outings and the one that got picked was going to the Browning Cretaceous Park to ignore the concretions-which are kind of cool-in search of prehistoric shark teeth.

Exploring up a side stream

Katy had a leech visit her. I was horrified, I can't stand leeches!

What's going on in THIS pic? We are all gathered out of the creek on the bank opposite the cars because there was a snake in the water!

After we made good our escape-the kids found about a dozen teeth between them, we went to Tupelo for a few cold groceries we needed for taco salad night and headed back up the Trace, stopping at Pharr Burial Mounds for a leg stretch.

hop clover

crimson clover

Sammy and Coury discussing their favorite scene from Dirty Dancing.

Back at camp we watched Dr. Horrible and then they started up Desolation of Smaug, but I went to bed!