Matt has jury duty this week. It SUCKS so much egg to not have him along, even if he had to come over later in the week. NEXT week (the first week schools are out) is forced vacation, the plant will be closed! So any family travel is kaput unless we back-to-back it camping, our budget is humming it's so tight.

We loaded the van up Sunday afternoon and it looked all squared away. Then I started adding the last minute stuff. UGH. I can't just relax and figure it will all work out, I have to run around like a crazy person and overcomplicate the whole ordeal. There is so much STUFF we take camping. Tents, tarps, rugs, a broom, poles and pegs, lights, sleeping bags, pillows, cots, my blow up bed, hammocks, blankets, chairs, a table, power cords, plugs, electric pots, bowls and cups and plates. Sporks, toaster forks, knife, food-food for 5 days, that's 22 meals times 5 people (Brit was going but is not feeling well, so I still have the extra food packed) and drinks, drink mixes, water bottles, goodies, snacks, clothesline, clips, swimming gear, our clothes, towels, toiletries, flashlights, batteries, cameras, chargers, hats, sunscreen, bug spray, first aid kit, allergy meds, cell phone, ereader, trash bags, extra shoes, tubes for the creek, kites and bubbles and a ball. What can I cut out? Less food, but that runs the risk of going off budget which I can't do right now. Less clothes? No pillows? Everything seems so vital, there's what you have to have and what's nice to have, the things that make the whole thing more cozy. Who wants to go all week with no pillow? Ugh, no, I can't do less. It's still less than I used to take, the 'just in case' for a family with 4, 6 and 8 year old kids is way more complicated than the 'just in case' for a 14, 16 and 18 year old. Of course the art satchel, banjo, uke and mandolin take up WAY more room than the stuffed toys they used to be incapable of leaving home without. I guess it all balances in the end, that's all that matters.


And we are off!


We arrived by 11 to rediscover (I am sure I knew this) that check-in is at 4. Our campsite was still occupied. So we headed over to take a hike and enjoyed strolling along the Outcrop Trail. Tishomingo does not have a huge variety of things to do, but there's enough to keep a laid-back group like ours content for a while. There are 13 miles of hiking trails, 3 disc golf courses, a seasonal swimming pool, fishing, Bear Creek runs through the park and there's the lake with lots to sit and look at. It's not a busy, noisy place so just hanging out is a good option. Reading, playing card games, talking, catching frogs...watching the birds, it's all good stuff.

I am a SSSSNAKE. Sssee, no armsss! Run away! sssssss

under the bridge

Leizengon Structures

!!! my tents did not fit on the pad.
They said I could move them, but there was nothing level close enough to the outlet and the ground was still muddy.
I planned to move Tuesday and just opted to stay put. We were hardly in the tents anyway.

Ben opted to sail away.

By 1:30 we had hiked a few miles and were quite sweaty and ready to get somewhere cooler. The campsite was empty, so we went ahead and got set up and ran to pick up a few things I had not brought, mainly a big broom and...salt. When we got back to camp (the Dollar General is 4 miles away!) Katy had arrived and was nearly set up. They also brought a slackline which got a LOT of use and their projector. Soon hammocks were in little clusters all over, the kids who slept out stacked theirs by the time Rho and Elan got in the mix there were 9 hammocks on our little peninsula! Everyone had a few chairs as well, I liked that over the week everyone used what was right there, there was someone in someone else's chair or hammock 95% of the time.

We had kicked around going to the drive-in, but opted instead to watch a movie at camp on the screen. We started out with MirrorMask and then watched Dirty Dancing, which was awesome. I remember seeing it when it first came out, maybe even twice as I could recall bits of dialogue. But that was...25 years ago. It's apparently Sammy's favorite movie, which amuses the hell out of me. He and Kurt were enthralled while Katy and I discussed at length if Patrick Swayze was wearing underwear or not. Amanda was off putting Bird to bed. I imagine she's seen the movie.