3 for 3, I can't believe our spring camping plans all came off without a hitch this year! Even the weather is behaving!

We went to Tishomingo overnight last year with Katy and her family and had a great time. She wanted to go back and hang out-it's an easy place to keep up with smaller kids-so we planned our annual spring trip back at the state park. I had wanted to go to Cumberland Mountain in Tennessee, but they are doing site renovations and were not slated to get done until Memorial Day. Rock Island also just got a 60-site upgrade...might be time to plan some trips to Tennessee!

But for this year's annual summer kick-off, it was off to Mississippi! I will admit, I have spent nearly 0 time in Mississippi, we have been on the Trace to Tupelo once and to Tishomingo for an overnight twice. Mississippi is kind of like that part of Alabama and Tennessee that we don't ever go to-flat, red, lots of farms and not much else. I can't help it, I love a green rolling landscape, it's in my bones. Throw in some exposed limestone or sandstone, a wide whitecapping creek with a couple deep swimming holes and some trees and I am set. I have that same thing in my head that little kids do who can use the same Legos to build 900 different things. I like a rearrangement of the same few pieces, variety comes in the view, not the elements in that view. Yeah, Grand Canyon and Rockies and desert and the beach and I love those for visiting. But my heart is tucked in the coves and creeks of these foothills and the Appalachians, I don't think I would be happier anywhere else. Nothing wrong with being content in your surroundings and I am SO lucky-beyond imagining-to have 78 acres right here outside our door to wander around on. No swimming hole, but I do need a reason to leave home sometimes!

Like always, I am planning ahead for next year's trip. Savannah has stuck in my mind as the PERFECT place to head out to for a while. Will I ever be content with what's just ahead and quit dreaming of the next adventure beyond this one? I hope not!