The next day.
3 occupied hammocks
Jake, Rho and Emma slept in the hammocks.
Around 10 the night before, a very small sprinkle cloud came through, it spat for a few minutes and left.
It ran the kids into the tent.
Chan, Brit, Ben, Alex and Elan all piled into our 3 man tent and Owen moved in with his mom.

Sunrise check!

Morning stretch before running.

Puppy pet squats to round things out

Back from the run, 1.5 miles at 4 MPH on those hills. UGH I'd have crazy eyes, too.

Fed and packed up, we head back into the canyon with grand plans to walk 7 miles and have a swim.

Fiddlehead fern

Blue phlox
This is the exact color of our house!

More diversity 8 feet in the air, still amazing!

Curry showing off. SOME dogs, I swear. Geesh!


Arrived at the Blue Hole and discovered the kids already jumping in.
They had seen the otters! They hid under a ledge and as soon as everyone left, came back out to play again.
Or maybe to eat some fish, either way they were swimming around like we had never been there.

Black and white deals better with the contrast of bright white splashes, heavy rock shadows and sparkles on the water without losing facial definition and without me having to dink with the settings for every change of light, in case you are wondering why my swimming photos are in black and white. I did a few blue too because, I like that filter. I can just shoot and watch the kids.

Nothing can deal with the contrast of lily white winter skin and bright spring sun! hahaha

Nia is an otter, too!

Chan's shots with the water camera.

Loved this, she used the panoramic mode to take 3 totally different shots and stitch them. I can't say this would have occured to me to try!

pretty clear water considering the 9 kids and 3 grown men in there!

We ended up at Creekside and set up the hammocks and set out our lunches on the 2 picnic tables there.
We all refilled our water bottles from the cooler under the pavillion, it was a great relaxing break!

My new blue hammock! It's full of Chandler while Matt hogs the green one.
And I stand...alone on the hard, rocky ground. *sigh*

Tables, a porch swing, privy, water, trash can-SO nice!!

basking puppy

Benny's supertall

The original plan had been to break for lunch here and then hike on back to Karen Falls.
I could not rouse the troops from their cocoons and creek, so Nia and I went down to check out the trail.

Ack! Beavers!

The trail was very muddy and partly under water.
When I returned with the news, no one was very upset to stay put a while longer before heading back out.

Do you see my blue hammock there? TWO little girls!

Katy found a happy rock

They were waiting around for the adults to come over for the group pic. But Jake, Lackey Kid and the girlers know what to do when they see a lens aimed their way!

Rhoen, Jake, Matt, Brit, me, Chan, Kurt, Alex, Amanda, Blur Baby, Sammy
Ben, Elan, Owen, Emma, Katy, Blur Girl, Inde
Curry, Nia

Mainly, Matt

We jazz hands you a farewell to our short and sweet trip!

Until next time!