This year, we are trying to get more short trips in because weather and schedules tend to mess with longer plans. This had originally been a 2 night trip but got cut short due to schedule conflicts. The dads joined in very last-minute, it was Sunday before anything was settled and then Matt called from work Monday and said he was taking Tuesday off and would be over soon!! It turned out to be a really slow week at work and his boss was happy to let him have the day-he was taking one off as well. So being a shorter trip actually made it better. Besides, no trip is long enough for me-unless I can't get clean clothes or it rains! hahaha Then I am happy to go home. Or, go eat grilled cheese somewhere. ;)

This time we went to Cane Creek Canyon, one of my very favorite places!
It was such fun to go with friends, I have tried to get people to join us here for a couple of years now.

We arrived ahead of everyone else and got set up so when the other folks arrived, the older kids were all agreeable to heading down into the canyon with me to look for otters!

The first stop, as always, was the waterfall!

then the overlook

We took the steep trail into the canyon and were floored by the boulders covered in wildflowers.
The trout lily are a full 3 weeks behind schedule, it's been a cold winter here.

This is the first time I have been in the canyon when they were in bloom, it was worth the drive just to see them!

trout lily, hepatica, saxifrage, trillium, WOW

Here's a pic from CCC's facebook page:


It was really so pretty.

Down at the creek, we meandered along until we got to the Quarry Bridge where the last otter sighting was.
There was no way we were going to see one the way the kids were so LOUD, but who wants to be quiet on the first day it's been over 75 all year? NOT US!

These are the roots the otter was supposed to be hiding behind. Maybe it was! We left it alone and headed downstream to Blue Hole.

May apple



The bridge on the shelf trail.


The boulders again!

The kids called this Camp Hammock

Katy and I walked over to the pond with the dogs.
They swam a bit and then ran out on the dock and back.
Those puppies were like little kids at the coolest playground ever.

I sat at the table with the little girls and looked at moths for about an hour.

The banana

Eyrin wanted a banana but their bananas were in the cooler so it was too cold.
She brought it over to the fire and asked if we could warm it.
It was laid on rocks near the fire and Katy offered to sit on it for her.
About an hour later, it somehow ended up in the chair, it had been in the pocket where the drinks go.
Kurt, Katy and Inde all had nanner butts, so Katy was not the only one who warmed it up! But she was the only one who noticed she had sat in something.
Eyrin was not amused.
Everyone else was.