Morning banjo and uke jam session.

Dy's door got left open and she had a dead battery.
We jumped it off, no problem!

Amanda, B, Alex, Ben, John, Katy
Dy, Sammy, Jase, Emily, D, Inde, Mars, Kurt
Esther, Emma, Owen, Elan, Jacob, Rho, Jake, Chan


One final walk together, then back to camp to finish loading and leaving.

Dy and I went to DeSoto Falls while Amanda and Katy headed to Unclaimed Baggage.

Taking a photo of baby bro!

We headed back through Mentone, saw the remains of the Mentone Springs Hotel, so sad.

We stopped at UB on the way through, found nothing amazing and headed on toward home.
Wonderful and relaxing trip, such fun. Can't wait for next time!