It rained overnight Monday night and on into Tuesday. We spent a LOT of time with our internet-retrieving devices, conjuring better weather forecasts.
We watched satelite feed, read hourly forecasts and looked at the sky a bunch.
Kurt came over IN THE RAIN to say the rain was going to hold off until 4.
We headed out, as we were leaving, Dy pulled up.
I honestly did not think she would come and I did not blame her, it was pouring rain!

We made plans to meet up later and she headed off to put up her tent.

The rest of us went to Little River Falls and on the way, I pulled in at the new Canyon visitor center.
WOW! It's beautiful! Plus they allow dogs, which was fun for Mars.
We watched a video about what they do there and walked around a while. Then we headed over to the falls and walked down to see those.


Huckleberry blooms

Little River Falls

Through Katy's sunglasses.
Look how many more rocks Katy can see!

After the falls, we went to Cherokee Rock Village

I am going with this is a type of phlox, but not the purple kind

Heading toward some lunch!

rose hips

pussy toes!

On the way back, AFTER climbing on soaked limestone rocks, the sun started to show

Chan, Jake, D, Inde, Rho, Emma, Owen, Alex, Elan, Ben

We had a campfire and s'mores and some wine and chatting.
Lovely evening.