Back in March, Amanda and I put some camping trips on the calendar in hopes that we could make a couple of them happen. So far, we are 2 for 2, I am thrilled!
This was a short trip, just 2 nights, and we were originally going to a lake and taking kayaks and so forth, but we can do that as a day trip. There was some general desire to go to Unclaimed Baggage and the kids are always up for Cherokee Rock Village, so we opted to go to DeSoto State Park.
The park is lovely, one of my favorites places in the world, but the camping fees are STEEP. It was $65 to sleep in my tent for TWO nights. That's too high, camping fees need to be $18 for tents and $22 for RVs or less everywhere. Anything more needs to come with extras like back rubs and bedtime caroling.

We got up early and headed out, planning to get there between 10 and 10:30. I arrived at 10:15, BAM.
Amanda had come up the night before, Katy was due later that evening and Dy was going to make a pop-in quickie for the next night.

The kids wasted no time bailing out of the van and running far, far away. They were gone until I had everything set up and then they magically appeared. Rotten!

Catan needed settling right away. They played for hours, riding bikes and running around, then sitting to play, then off to get in the hammocks, back to running around. Non-stop.


These are the tents we camped in until Poppy came into our lives. With Poppy's fate in the balance this spring, they were hauled back out for more use.
I think this trip marks the end of their lives, my tent door zipper was uninterested in staying together and the fabric is starting to fall apart.
We have had them 11 years at least and used them many times, they have housed us well. Even this trip, it POURED for hours and hours and they dripped a couple times and were done.

Lots of this. We had a funeral the day after we got back home, I spent a good bit of time hoping it came off.

We all went to the playground and then some of the kids went back to camp on the trail all together and some of us went further along the trail to see more falls. By the time the trail went back past the lower campground, I was on my own for the last falls.

Over at the nature center. Little Bit was getting her Jr Ranger badge.

Azaela Cascade

Catesby's Trillium

Halberd Violet


Sweet shrub

Dwarf bearded iris

Wild rose


Laurel Falls

more wild rose

Blurry, but it was getting dark and I had the shutter slowed way down.

Pink azalea

Lost Falls

I LOVED the trails.

Jessamine pretending to be a blooming tree! It was everywhere, I am kind of bummed I paid $7 for a bucket of it! haha

Watching the meteor shower.