Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday after I got everything packed, I went back through and took out about a third of it and put it back away! Ack! I ALWAYS way way way over pack, usually I have WAY too much food, so I put back half the snacks and anything I put in there thinking, "just in case". Good grief, it's freaking me out. hahaha.

We packed exactly 5 changes of clothes each, 2 for cool days and 3 for warm. That's freaking me out, too. I have always been adamant about bringing an extra set of clothes. Eep. 2 towels each, one for swimming and one for bathing and no extra. I am making a big effort this time to not have every nook and cranny crammed with back-up stuff. I think I get more stressed when I have too much stuff than if I don't have something or run short of something. I don't like feeling smushed into the camper and I don't like when it's cluttered up and there are things stacked everywhere and I can't get everything put away neatly. So this will be lovely. Yes.

We arrived after check-out time, but still were unable to get our sites from last year-even though the people camping in the sites left later that night. We started off in 53 and moved to 55, which is a superior site all the way around. I love our site, much better than where we camped last year which was in the sun and too close to the bathhouse because the security light shined in my eyes all night.

I did not take a single photo Sunday. We arrived, set up, then I freaked out and moved, we set up again, Michelle arrived, then much later, Suzette arrived. She came in a day early because she was freaked out that Michelle was going to freeze to death in her tent. I was pretty sure she might as well, but gosh and golly, I don't know how she manages in the cold. It if drops under 60, I am near death.

I will put some photos Matt took before he and Nia headed back home until Tuesday night when he decides to share them with me.