I did my usual not sleeping at all the first night. With that out of the way, I texted Matt at 4:33 and it only took me 11 minutes to tap out 'miss you'. I really super stink at texting. I read for a while, I am currently reading The Likeness by Tana French. It's the second in a series based on the Dublin Murder squad, which is what the CSI is called in Ireland, roughly. It's not an exact copy of CSI:Vegas by any means-although they are both totally made up and solve made-up murders. The first book, In The Woods was amazing, the whole time I was reading it I kept trying to slow down because I loved the characters. Then I found out she's just published the fourth book in the series! I don't like this one as much, I liked the dynamics of the partners in the first story, but I am just getting into this one, so I am hopeful. I have the third one, Faithful Place, loaded on the Nook in case I rip through this one quickly. She follows a different character in each story, one feeding into the next following a time line.

So here's the photo I usually take of the kids sleeping, though Jake is staring at me and kind of ruined the effect.

Then I took no more photos until this one of my lunch-hummus and spinach-which was NOT on my menu!

The kids played ALL day. They played at the playground two hours in the morning then came back and ate and then headed to my camp and played dominoes and Old Maid until we got a surprise!

This is the skylight in the bathroom. I love it. I am totally going to cut holes all in the roof here and put these every 3 feet.

We saw this!

The moms were hanging out at Suzette's camper and some people walked up and I thought, "Crap, I am going to have to be nice." and then I realized, it was Sammy and Amanda! Woot! They had come up on a boat and driven around until they saw my camper! hahaha! Talk about a leap of faith!

So we headed to their boat to hang out. The kids took the canoe they brought out in pairs. At one point most everyone went to the playground and I stayed to keep an eye on the canoers. Chan and Emily went for a swim.

This guy went by several times.


After a while, we all piled on the boat and headed to a waterfall a couple miles up from here.

This guy came along as well and thrilled the kids with stunts.

It was a lovely ride, the falls were a little low, but Sammy still drove right up under it, soaking the kids! hehehe

I would have gotten a shot of the soaking, if they had not all run right at me and I had to move to keep from getting trampled.

Back at camp, I affixed my party lights!

I also organized this better, I will see if I get another photo, hahaha!

Dinner was baked potatoes, though Suzette was not following the crowd and had quesadillas.

After dinner, I had a shower (ahhhhh) and when I got to my camper, it was full of kids playing Art Shark and seriously slaughtering the rules and the pronunciation of the pieces of art.
It's a 4 player game, so they broke into teams.

The game fell apart after they got to the 16th page of the rule book after eating ALL of the marshmallows I brought and collapsing into mad giggling.