This trip is a little different than any previous trips we have done. For one, I am going down early and Matt is not joining us until mid-week, and it's Nia's first long trip, I hope she will be a good camping dog! We have been working to train her, so I am hopeful she will not bark and be a pest.

The campground is close to home, less than 2 hours, and we were just there last year. I have not double-camped (2 years in a row) anywhere other than Holt Lake and that was because I really liked the sites that poke out over the water and it's dead quiet there.

Pre-trip prep went according as usual, I tried to get new tires for the rear and it did not work out. I am hoping they won't go flat again. Last year, I got a flat about 3 minutes after arriving at camp and I had to call AAA and ended up buying a set of used tires the next day. Then in January, Dave had to come rescue us when I had ANOTHER flat on the back. So I got 2 new back tires and then last week, I had them moved to the front, so the more worn tires are on the back again. But now I have a tire tool that actually fits the replacement lugnuts (don't even get me started on how pissed off that whole thing has made me) on my van, so at least I don't have to call for help if it does. Though...well, I probably WILL. I mean I pay for AAA every year, I might as well get some use out of it. I got my AC serviced and topped off Friday before the trip, hoping that will last the whole summer.

This year we have a new kink in the menu planning, we are currently gluten free and have been for 6+ weeks now. I keep thinking if I hold out a little longer, some miraculous thing will reveal itself and I will know if being gluten free is better for us or not. So far, not much has happened other than 4 bags of groceries is somewhere around $70 and I am talking those 5-item plastic bags, not the big brown paper kind. It's not cheap, at ALL and pre-made things are insane. $8 for a 9 inch loaf of bread, $9 for 8 burger buns. $5 for 20 cookies, $4 for a box of mac and cheese-the 2.5 serving kind. So I have been buying lots of ingredients and making my own stuff, but that takes major shelf and fridge space, which I don't have in the camper. I will make a page for what we end up eating, I know there are MANY GF and corn syrup avoiding families out there who like to camp and who might like to have some ideas. Or, maybe you are just curious, I know food is a MAJOR topic around camp.