Sunday we grabbed some food and our suits and hit the road after telling the campground host about the night before. He was amused that his snug little camper was so cozy and the AC so loud that he never heard me.
Mr. Kinsey had left as soon as the sun came up.
I have lost my faith in the Georgia Park System. Anyone who posts rules and does nothing at all to enforce them is useless, it's broken.

We opted to stay closer to camp since Matt and I both were too tired to take on another 6 hours round trip driving for the kids to get to the beach. He probably had it worse than me since he had worked all day Friday and played a gig that night and had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep after being up for 22 hours straight. But I was far more pissed about the noise, so by general bile production, I was ahead.

Damn rednecks, I wish his mama would have had a headache instead of him.


We started out at Indian Springs State Park just down the road from High Falls.
We checked out the beach, opted to skip it and had a really nice picnic in the pines.
The kids played golf-badly, but with gusto-and we hunted down a geocache in one of the oldest cemteries I have seen. Matt and I creeped each other out with our mutal notice that there was more than one ghoul gate. Eep!

We decided to head on in to Macon to see the cemetery I saw on the way to Savannah last year. We found it, but it was not as amazing as I imagined, just really big. There were a few statues, but it seemed to be mostly traditional markers, we spent about an hour winding through the roads before heading to find a couple caches.

One was a virtual at a labyrynth, which we all loved despite the brain-baking heat. Another was at a canon which 'still faces North in case they attack again'. hahaha!

Back at the yurt, we ate a quick meal and set up the fan we bought to help with the heat.
I passed out while everyone was taking showers, the new neighbors in 6 and the old neighbors in 4 were totally silent that night-or at least I never heard a peep.

Our chocolate selection from...Germany I guess. LOL
It was really good!

The kids at the sulfur springs.
I don't know why, but I was compelled to drink some of the water.
That was like having a boiled egg in my mouth. My brain immediately filled my mouth with the texture and feel of an egg, it was REALLY freaky.
I gagged a while as I really don't like eggs, everyone stared at me like I had 2 heads. Matt asked more than once why I did that.
It seemed like the thing to do, I kind of want to go get some of the water (limit 25 gallons per car but I doubt they enforce it) and look at it under the microscope.
There is that sulfur springs in Blount County...

Moose, devil, hawk

Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock

Ghoul gate?



I wish I had not peeked. Waaaaaaa!
SO close.

Matt and Jake and Chan went to buy playing cards and get another cache back at camp
While out, the check engine light reappeared. Ugh.

But, while they were gone, Ben and I went to the playground and quickly abandoned it for this tree.

The others came back and saw us and joined right in climbing around.

Ben weighs about a pound less than Chan these days.

hehehe! What a monkey

The yurt was actually really great. We fell in love and have been shopping since we got home.
I think I could live in one quite happily, they are VERY bright inside, that's for sure!