We got up early, nearly frozen from the 20 degree drop in temps from the night before and I headed out to shower.
We ate breakfast and loaded the van and were on our way by 8:30. Our tickets were not until 11, but we drove right to the Aquarium anyway.

We got there around 10, after a little traffic and a little missing a turn got in the way and parked in the garage.
I had prepaid for parking, not knowing there were several other parking garages that were half the cost on the same road. Still, for the extra $4, it was worth the added security. Or so I tell myself.

We headed down to the entrance, I asked an employee how to go about getting in at 11 and she said we could just go on in early. : )
There were very low crowds most of the day, we had several moments to all to ourselves and were able to see feedings and talks without any trouble. It was the right time to go for sure.

We looked around and poked everything in a touch tank we could until it was about 1, then we grabbed lunch-which I also prepaid and while it WAS a savings, the 3 meal selections were not our first choices from all they offered. I would have rather gone al carte, or just skipped lunch since we only stayed about 4 hours and that was double-doing most of the aquarium and loads of loitering and looking. I thought the 'biggest' aquarium meant bigger than the Tennessee Aquarium, where we can happily stay 6 hours or more. But no, it means bigger tank in the one area, not more to see. 3 hours would be just about right for anyone not wanting to take a picture of every single creature.

So, if you go, skip the extras, just eat a good meal before you head in.

I once sat on a bed of these in the Bahamas when I was 11.
I was trying to make my peace with them here, but just sort of got stuck thinking about the poky parts.

Shrimp have crazy eyes!

And they are not shaped like shrimp.

Look at the frog's feet. They are fat. I am enthralled, even with the boa in the tree, too.



In the River Scout section, the fish were all freshwater and the aquarium was overhead and you walked underneath it.

These were in a touch tank!
In all, you could touch sea urchins, sea stars, anenome, shrimp, rays, sharks.
The rays felt like baby belly, very fat and soft! : )


The fluzzy one is the chick!

The tunnel was really neat, not as long as the Ripley's Aquarium tunnel, but still cool. I am a big fan of going under the water for some reason.

A shot of the tunnel, it just has the one curve and you are back out. There is a moving walkway, but it was turned off most of the time we were in there.

Interactive touch wall, you touch a fish as it swims past and a bubble pops up with information about it. Pretty cool!!

The ray in the lower left kept flipping in big loops.

They have 4 whale sharks, all babies.