On September 11, we headed out for a quick weekend trip to Georgia. Our main goal was the Georgia Aquarium, and we were staying in a yurt for 2 nights. We were all very excited.

It took 7 hours to get to the state park, the kids were pretty determined that we get up the next morning and go on over to Tybee Island, which was only 3 hours away at that point!
We stopped for a few groceries, then again at the state line where they had a 9-11 memorial table set up. Our last stop was for gas.

We got into the yurt around 5:30 and set up, looked around the campground and then headed off for a walk to see the falls.

High Falls State Park, Georgia


We tried to get to bed early since we were all exhausted. Ben and Chan were on the double bunk above us, but the yurt was so hot and the mattress was so hard, they asked to sleep on the floor instead.
I got them set up as comfortably as possible and held Ben in front of the fan we borrowed from the bathrooms until he cooled off enough to lay down.
It was HOT and the windows were wide open, but the yurt had been closed up all day in the heat and it was still holding in the warmth, we were pretty miserable.

It was NASCAR weekend and the neighbors to both sides of us were fans. Quiet hour came and went unobserved by all but us.
Yurt 6, a Mr. Kinsey, got so drunk and so loud that-since we could not get any help from the campground hosts-we called the police after midnight.
An officer came by after 1 a.m. and got him to shut up.
We did not sleep at all that night.