In the jellyfish exhibit, Jake showed off his scar from last year-remember he got stung at Tybee Island?
From my despcription of the swelling and his still-visible jagged red line, the guy said it COULD have been a man of war sting!
Jake was OVER the moon. He has told me at least once a week that it was a Portuguese man o'war. Now I will never hear the end of it.
Apparently they wash up on shore already dead but still stingy.

LOVED this exhibit, other than the shark part.
You stand facing the coral reef and the 'surf' breaks above your head, it's a large sloped room, so the shore would be above you and the drop-off in front of you.
The shark part was that the little black-tipped sharks loved cruising the shallow 'beach' part and riding the waves. Eep!

This little scorpion fish was great. Doesn't he look like something an eccentric grandmother would decorate with? Laid up there on his coral pedestal. hehehe!

We circled through several times, so there are scattered shots of the same critters.

The tank is open to the sky, so that's natural sunlight filtering through the water. It was SO pretty.

Ben's holding our 'dive card' that helped ID some of the more unusual fish.

I am a big grouper fan.

They had bubbles in almost all the tanks, we really like these things, the kids want bedrooms with bubbles into tanks as soon as possible. : )
Me too!


These guys are SO great. I love that little angry face, hehehe!

Guitar fish

Grouper swim slowly, are HUGE and float about eye level. They are the camera hogs of the sea.

The Belugas were my favorite.

This guy was so cute! I was standing there at the window and he popped up his head, then came scooting right over and posed!
I was so excited!

Showing off his very handsome flipper feet!

We left around 3 or so and the kids were frozen half to death, so we went to the park across the road to be in the sun a while before heading home.

Spinning chairs! These were way too much fun!

Trip totals:
Gas: $79 (I still had 3/4 tank)
Lodging: $117 for 2 nights in a yurt
Aquarium: $181 for 5 tickets, 5 lunches and parking
Food: $51 for groceries
Extras: $31 for fan, cards and drinks
$9 for putt-putt golf
$5 for parking at the state park

This was a more expensive trip than we usually take, but it was planned and we had saved up. : )