Sunday, we woke up around 7 and I went over to the bathhouse. When I got back, I said we needed to go ahead and pack up, I smelled rain! It was sunny with some fluffy clouds, but I'll not be fooled by nice skies. I have camped too many times. LOL

We put all the clothes and bedding away, put our gear in the van and heated up some water for oatmeal. We finished off the fresh fruit and put away the rest of the odds and ends, wiped down and swept out the camper and closed her up. By the time Matt was backing the van in to hitch her up, the rain came in. Woo! Missed that little drama with having to pack away a wet camper. : ) The clouds rolled in after the rain came-it was actually sunny WHILE it was raining-and it was cloudy but still pleasant temps the rest of the day.

We had a hike at the campground, then headed home, stopping at the Live Naval Oaks Preserve and again at Prattville, home of one of the last virtual geocaches in Alabama.

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