I got up and headed out early, went to the shop and got the new tires and got back to camp well before lunch.
I could not resist getting a couple shots of the kids asleep before I left!
Michelle was up and aware I was leaving, it's so nice to not have to worry about getting the kids up and hope no one messes with the camper and so on. I just got up and got going!

There they are! woo-woo!

Bobby and Gina and I wanted to check out the bike trail and get a little exercise.
The night before, I had walked to the office and back, which is up a LONG and winding road. On the way back, I saw deer eyeballs in my flashlight and it started running, which my brain could not place the eyes-nearly my height off the ground-and the clacking of hooves. No wonder people used to think the devil was about at night! hahaha!

Nearly all we saw of wildlife on this walk were zillions of baby frogs!
I took a picture of one, below, and then Bobby took pity on me and picked one up. I had sunscreen on my hands and did not want to hurt one by holding it!


Leizengon Structure! hahahaha!

Above is a broadleaf magnolia bloom! They only grow in the Bankhead area and were around when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The blooms are usually really high up in the trees, we lucked out, this was down in a little ravine, so from the trail, it was just straight across!

We walked to the end of the bike trail, over at the swim beach, which is closed until Memorial Day.
THAT was the worst part of the trip, not being able to swim at camp!
On the way back, we took an alternate route on the hiking trail.

Bobby up ahead. Gina went WAY ahead of us so she could yell DEER when she saw one.

That afternoon, we headed to Duncan Bridge, the closest spot we could get in the lake.
It's $2 each to swim there.

The younger kids and other parents headed back to camp, I stayed with my 3, Emily, Evan and Britney for another hour or so.

Back at camp, we grilled out. Well, everyone else grilled out, I microwaved black bean veggie burgers for us. hahaha

Around the campfire that night, I tried to come up with a word for when you only want to eat one s'more. It can't be s'more of just one. Gina said the word was "stupid". ha! I wonder what it's called when you don't like s'mores any more. s'none? S'nothanks?


The girls performed the burning chicken dance!

After the fire burned low, it was time for us to head to bed!
That night, I handed out extra blankets and set the girls up with a second heater, Britney said she had been cold the night before as well.
We slept toasty and well!