On Thursday, several of the kids had to be at rehearsals, so I had planned to pick up Matt, who had Friday off.
We hung out at camp all morning, just visiting and not doing much at all.

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Bobby and Gina!

Us! the only 2 drawbacks to where I camped was that it was in the sun part of the day-the HOT part, and it was across from the bathouse, which was very nice, except the bright orange light that shone in the camper all night!

The kids played at the playground and on the field, at the basketball court and they rode bikes and scooters all over the place.

The heat by afternoon was enough that we all went running for the lake again.
Heather had come in to tent camp overnight, so they joined us along with Dave, who came in Wednesday after work.

The bottom was pink and red slabs of sandstone and the water was very clear.

I ran the play kids to Hartselle and dropped them off, went up and picked up Matt and Zephyr, ran back down and picked up the kids, went and picked up pizza and filled up the van before driving BACK to camp!
Everyone was in bed when we arrived, I took this pic of the last lonely lick of flame from the fire we missed.
Gina came out to visit a little while, but we were all pooped!
We headed to bed and I slept much better, it warmed up enough to not need the heaters.