On Tuesday, we finished the last-minute stuff around the house, loaded the van, hooked up the camper and did the safety check for lights and headed out!

Nuvi, true to form, took us willy nilly and backroading the whole way. I turned around in someone's yard at one point becuase the road I was following just...ended.

We finally arrived sometime near noon and got us checked in to site 20. Suzette had been down to check things out a couple weeks earlier and liked site 22, so I picked one from the map in the office that was near that one. Little did I know, I stumbled upon the best site in the whole campground! It turned out to be great to be situated where we were because she was on one end of the open play area and I was on the other, so no matter where the kids roamed, one of us was nearby. Michelle set up next to me, the Lackey's moved in across from Suzette and we were all settled in for a few days!

My van was making a...whoosh noise. I drove it up to Suzette's and we listened to it, then I drove it up to the office and they listened to it. I won't go into all the details of the sounds and what all we did and what happened, but it ended up being a leaking tire. I drove back to the campsite to change over to the maypop. We jacked it up about 3 inches and started to remove the lug nuts before jacking it up more. The tire tool would not fit! Mr. Holmes ordered new lug nuts a few months ago because the others were so short, it was hard to get the zzzizz noise maker thing on them. Now they don't fit the tire tool! Ugh!

I had no cell signal, so I borrowed Michelle's phone and called AAA. We have had them several years and never had to call before, they had a guy on his way almost instantly. He arrived about an hour later-the campground is not near anything-and changed the tire in about 4 minutes. Then he got on HIS phone and started calling around to get me a good price on a new tire! He complained about pricing and asked to talk to managers and explained the situation and hung up and called other places. It was great for me, since I had no idea where to go and did not want to drive nearly 2 hours back home on the maypop to get Mr. Holmes to put a new one on there.

He ended up setting me up with a full set of pull-offs from a wreck that were nearly new. I got them installed the next morning for $230!

Knowing everything would work out, I was not stressed out, we enjoyed hanging out that evening and talking between bouts of tinkering with campers and moving this and that around. The campground hosts little dog barked most of the evening and that ticked us all off, but after I went over and chewed them out, it was not an on-going issue. It's pretty pathetic when the campers have to enforce the rules with the staff...

Dinner the first night was...taco salad! It was really good, though I forgot to assign beans and ended up eating beef on mine, not my favorite food.

I don't think anyone slept well the first night, I was COLD, even with the heater on, but not cold enough to get up and get another blanket. I was snuggled in with Ben, which used to mean actually snuggled, but he's not a cuddlebug any more. Britney and Chan had the other end and Jake was in the single in the middle. It's about 3 inches shorter than he is, I'd like to move up in camper size or back to tenting it, we don't all fit as well any more. But, that's not happening any time soon.
Well, maybe tenting. But not new campering. *sigh*

Jake wasted no time getting everyone involved in whatever game he brought.

Ah, the maypop! This is the same tire I had to replace last year on my birthday!

The adults ate and hung out and chatted a while, then the kids realized there was FOOD.

The actual sunset was pretty boring, so I made it blue.

This is a super grainy shot! It was ALMOST dark, which would make you wonder why Evan has on sunglasses...