I am never ready to go home from camping, even in cases like now, when Matt is waiting for us and I really do want to be in my own bed-the one that's 10 feet from the bathroom door. And everyone else has headed out and it's just us. I have thought about it, is it that I am so lazy I don't want to pack? Yeah, part of it probably is! There is a good deal of work in camping and hauling the camper adds an element to driving, I have to be more vigilant when I am towing, so there's that aspect.

Camping is an escape, it's a grown-up version of throwing a blanket over the table and crawling in for a spell to hide or rest or hole up and read. It's fun. I enjoy being outdoors-in mild and dry weather-more than anything else I do. There's lots to take pictures of-or not. It's no big deal either way. There's people to talk to, or not. The kids always have something to do and someone to do it with. There are stories to tell later, memories and funny things and always a learning curve, I come home from each trip with a better idea of what we really need and I seem to be surprised each trip by how many cups and plates we really do go through.

I did well with food this time, we are going home with all the tuna, but that's it-we ate pretty much everything else. We have a few snacks left. I packed more clothes than I needed considering there's laundry here. I did not wear everything I brought, though we did need a big range of clothes, it's been almost a 50 degree flux in temps since we arrived. Lows in the low 40's, highs reaching 88. I wish I had my hammock. I did not use my tripod and did not need the camp chairs. I want a bin to keep the pots and pans in so I can leave them outside under the stove instead of getting them out and putting them away in the cabinets each day. I need a bigger pot.

This has been an interesting trip, Cathy and Suzette were both exhausted and I barely saw Cathy at all. Suzette was very subdued, hurrying to finish a book because her next day off is June 20th and she knew when she got back in cell phone range, she'd never crack it open again. It just was an odd trip, maybe different is the word I am looking for.


This morning we got up and ate breakfast and started loading up. It took about an hour to get everything squared away and hook up the camper. The Lackey's were just right behind us on hooking up theirs, so we did an 'our camp won' cheer, even though Gina said it wasn't a competition. Yeah, right!

The drive home was thankfully totally uneventful. Well, Ben did have a minor hissy fit before he passed out for about an hour and a half. I am guessing he is pretty tired.

We stopped at Taco Bell in Cullman and grabbed a very quick lunch, which turned out to be good because there's not much food here at the house. I guess I will go get groceries at some point, but not...right away. I think we can make do at least until tomorrow with whatever is hiding in the pantry.

I didn't get everyone in a solo shot...missing Kaitlin and Emily.







Cody and Ben







Bobby and Gina

The mamas