We are gearing up to return to Holt Lake! This time, it's a bigger trip than usual and I am excited, plus it will be the first chance most of us have to just hang out and catch up since the tornadoes.

We will have 6 families this trip! That's 14 kids!

Matt and me
Jake, Chan and Ben

Alex, Emma, Owen and Inde

Suzette and Dave
Emily and Zachary

Bobby and Gina
Britney and Cody

Cathy and Kaitlin

Evan and Amanda

With the recent tornadoes, I had wondered if anyone really WANTED to camp as it would be very much like living without most utilities for another week, which the government has offered financial compensation for recently...

But everyone seemed to be very gung-ho. It's true that our annual summer kick-off camping trips are one of the major highlights of the year, I look forward to it for at least 6 months before it FINALLY rolls around!