This morning we ALL slept in. It was 10:30 before we finally opened the door of Poppy to greet the day. I had gotten up around 4 and again at 7 or so, but had stretched out to finish a book and dozed off after it was done.

Earlier, something-Zephyr's bone-fell off into the floor and made enough noise to wake us. Jake said, in a groggy voice, "Something hit the floor. I don't know what it was, but the important thing to keep in mind is, that it wasn't me." hahaha! Megalomania for certain.

I did another round of laundry this morning. Chan had gotten her only jacket dirty last night and Jake had not put any of his clothes in to be washed the day before, so I had another load to do!

We hung out at the park again for a little while, then everyone went back for lunch. The older kids played poker at my camp for a couple hours and the younger kids headed for the lake with the rest of the moms. The park host came by to say a barge was going into the lock, so we got ready quickly and went to the beach to pick up everyone who wanted to see it and drove up the hill and...watched it come out!


Then we went back to the lake and played on the beach and in the water until 4.

Gina tried to take Bobby down and drew a small crowd...

The girls all went to shower and dinner was made ready at various camps, we all ate at Gina's again and I left to call Matt at 6-he had been mowing next door. When I got back, the kids were all at the playground again.

I snacked a bit and headed to my camper where Jake and I listened to more of the City of book. The Lackey's had another fire, but I was cold and feeling a little zapped from the sun this afternoon, so we skipped. Katy handed out packs of sparklers, we had discussed the 'no fireworks' rule that is posted at most campgrounds. It was decided that they meant the kind that shoot up and make noises, not a 45 second silent sparkler.

And this one, which turned out more creepy than we realized, it's the reflection on Britney's glasses!

Tomorrow Suzette, Michelle, Cathy and Katy all head home. It will be just us and Gina's family left. We plan to head out Friday around noon. I will prepack as much as I can tomorrow evening, I am going to try to get the camper ready for the next trip here and not have to set up and clean at the house.