When I was out last night, I noticed the moon shining through the trees, meaning-that after 5 days of heavy clouds-the skies are clearing!

This morning, the sun was shining and it shone all day!

I started my day doing some laundry and getting the towels all clean and fluffy and while that was going, I had a shower. It was pretty involved as I walked the laundry down and then came back to get the bath stuff, then went to get in the shower after I moved things from the washer to the dryer then I didn't have a towel, so I walked back to get that and then I went back down and Suzette was in my shower. Dang. So I waited on her and had my shower and ran out and threw my wet towel in the dryer before that finished. Yay!


Everyone made their way to the playground before too long and played for a couple of hours, I headed back to camp with Ben, who had flown off the zip line and hurt himself.



We opted to do a big group lunch and Bobby grilled hot dogs and burgers on the campsite grill and we all had some variation of those and then headed to our own campers for an hour of siesta time.

After that, we hit the lake. The moms sat in the sun and the kids got right in the water, but the bigger kids only lasted half an hour. I ran several of them up the hill and came back down and helped keep an eye on the younger guys.


At 6, we all went back to camp to get out dinner, which was a mix of leftovers from taco night and a few do-dads. Katy served smoothies at her camper, they were yummers.


Ben and I ate at our camper, I had a stomach ache after dinner last night and all I had were beans, cheese and some chips. No need to mess with dealing with that again. After dinner, we enjoyed the fire a bit and then broke out the S'mores fixin's. Michelle had made a cake on the coals of the grill earlier in the day, it was REALLY good-she had chopped fruit to go with it. We decided next trip, we are doing one night of just dessert and not bother with real food. : )

After eating, I went back to our camper to check on Zeppie, who had fallen asleep in my lap earlier and Jake had put her to bed. She was still zonked out, I tried to read a bit, then the camper filled up with various kids. I suggested a drive to see the full moon over the lake. There were 12 of us going down and Evan joined us there, so 13 coming back. Eep!

The kids played at the park on the lake for a while, it's really chilly tonight, so we headed back to our own campers around 10:15. Chan went to stay at Britney's and the boys piled into bed. It's late!