Thursday! Today's the day nearly everyone is heading home. I am bummed about that, but glad a little too, that the week is ending. I miss Matt. I am glad Zeppie is with us, I would be nutsy without her, too.

Last night, something got into our trash for the first time, so I started my day cleaning that up. Then Jake and I headed to have a shower.
The girls had all stayed at Cathy's for the night, we left Ben in charge of feeding Zep, which he totally zoned out on actually doing, poor puppy!

The kids all hung out here most of the morning, just talking and not doing much.

Around 11:30, Suzette was the first to leave and Emily was mourned horribly as the first to leave. Well, and Zachary, but he was at the lake with Katy and therefore not as missed since he had already left without even saying goodbye. hahaha! He has a baseball game tonight.

Michelle left very soon after Suzette, Evan is having his wisdom teeth removed in the morning.

Cathy was not far behind, her work week starts at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, so she had to get back to get cleaned up and ready to start back.

Katy hung out as long as she could and left when Inde was getting ready for her nap, around 2:30 or so.

The Lackeys stayed over here, chatting and just lounging mainly. I went to the bathhouse and when I got back, they were loaded up to go to the lake and the kids were scrambling into swimsuits. I donned my own suit and drove down just behind them and we laid on the sand for a couple of hours until the kids were soaked and chilled and hungry.

We headed to our own campers for dinner, planning to get together for a last fire after dark. I can't believe the week is over, just like that.

I think staying put all week was good for THIS trip. I don't know that I would want every trip to be all at the campground, though it gave a few folks a break from their busier schedules and it gave the kids huge swaths of time to just play and play. Until this trip, we have headed out for day trips and hikes and swims and so on. It's been nice to stay at the camp, but at the same time, it has made the week kind of all the same, the only changes have been the weather.

After dinner tonight, we went up for the last fire. I still have 2 bags of marshmallows.
We talked and the kids played and we decided we have not had enough time together yet, so we are going to hang out this weekend.


Ben is staying at Cody's and we have Britney for the night.

Heading home