We slept well overnight, I ran the overhead fan to drown out noise from other campers and ran one of the little heaters to keep off the chill.

After taking a quick bathroom break and walking Zeppie, we snuggled back in our beds until around 9:30.

I had hoped it would clear overnight, but today is the same flat white as yesterday and the day before. It's way too chilly to swim, maybe Wednesday before it's really warm enough to get wet.

Currently, Ben is scootering in a helmet and full face mask, which he has turned to the red and green side because he thinks it seems friendlier. Chan is still in bed, playing on her DS and Jake and Evan left before they even ate anything, taking the dog and headed off to 'walk'. I recall that age, when moving was vital to thinking and talking. Now I seem to need stillness and quiet, I am as distractable as a toddler. Matt is looking up geocaches to go hunt a few. I had planned to stay at camp all week, but already I have to go to a store-we have 5 people and 2 toothbrushes. hahaha! One of those is Matt's which he will take back tonight and the other...is not mine.

We are in site 36 and in site 34, there is a family in a tent who arrived just as we did yesterday. They set up, tied up their dogs and left. Their dogs proceeded to howl and cry and bark until they got back. They were quiet overnight, but they are back at it this morning. Thankfully, they leave today. Zephyr is a little nuts about the barking, add in her regular 'happy morning' Tigger dance and she's like a crazed monkey puppy all over the place.

I am in my bunk end with the window open over the creek, wrapped in my sleeping bag and typing away. : ) I love camping. I have a book on my pillow, the kids are all down here, talking and laughing, we are deciding what to do today, the sun just peeked out...

Matt and I ran into town to get toothbrushes. You'd think me, the queen of teeth and dentist trips and so on, would remember to bring the toothbrushes, but...no. I did not bring deodorant, a razor or a hair brush, either. Astonishing. I have several dinosaurs, 3 tarps, an entire tube of bungie cords, I have 17 batteries in 2 sizes and $20 in quarters but no freaking toothbrush. Well, I have one now. 'Running to town' from here involves a 45 minute one-way drive to get to the nearest tiny town with a Dollar General. It's a full hour to the nearest fast food or full-sized grocery store. We got back a couple hours later and Matt went to hang out with 'the adults' by which I think he meant Suzette and Michelle and Dave.

When we pulled into the campground after going to the store, I rolled down the window and yelled to the kids-who were playing poker at an empty campsite- that 'we have candy and a puppy, come get in our van, hehehe'. The boys ran off after us and Emily stayed put. Later we found out she had used the distraction and stacked the deck of cards in her favor and cleaned them all out in the next hand. hahaha!

I tinkered in the camper and then made some hot tea, which I took up to Matt and we chatted a bit and decided to take a walk.

We walked to the lake and back, taking pictures, then we had dinner while Katy-who arrived around 4:30- finished getting set up and the kids all ran off to play until dark. He and Dave got a fire going and then headed home to go back to work tomorrow. : (

We roasted marshmallows and after I had 2, I was done, so I walked to my camper to slice apples to put in foil and bake in the coals for later. As I was putting butter on them, I heard Inde, Katy's 2-year-old, scream. She stopped very quickly, just a few seconds, so I decided she had probably burned her hand on a marshmallow or even one of the sticks and had been soothed quickly-no big deal. She cried again a minute later for another 15 seconds. I quit messing with apples and walked up there to drop what I had finished in the coals.

Inde had been following Katy to their camper to get more marshmallows and stopped on the bridge where there are some security lights that were attracting moths. She played with the moths for a moment and continued after Katy and stepped right off the bridge edge and tumbled into the ditch. Katy had gotten to her very quickly and had taken her into Suzette's camper to check her for injury. She seemed physically okay, but was being quiet and her breathing had Katy worried. So I drove them to the nearest ER-over an hour away. It was a little scary getting there, but Inde started talking some and then some more and by the time we arrived, Katy said she felt pretty sure the doctors would want to examine HER head for bringing Inde in.

We got her checked out anyway and the doctor told Katy everything to watch out for and we left. It took about 90 minutes in the ER and 2 hours to get there and back, so we got in around 1 in the morning. My guys were already sacked out in the camper, Suzette and Michelle had stayed up to make sure the kids were all okay while the other mamas were away. I was glad we had such a safety net in place! I called Matt and talked to him a bit when we first got there and called back to let him know everything was okay before we left, leaving a message on his phone for the morning. I had moaned away when he left because there's no cell coverage for at least 20 minutes drive from here-I won't be able to talk to him until Friday unless I drove somewhere-which I was not planning on doing. So, it was a treat to get to talk to him so soon.

We used to pick a fight when we have to be apart, so it's not so hard. We have done it our whole lives together. We must be growing up some, or else unwilling to squabble in front of our friends because we were just pathetic when we parted ways. I am daily glad he does not have a dangerous job or even a dangerous commute, I would be a nut case if I had to worry on top of just missing him. More of a nut case, anyway. I left the apples in the coals, I hope they are not cinders in the morning...