Matt had a gig last night, so he took the van yesterday, meaning both that it was not loadable until this morning and that Matt had to sleep in a bit today. I have tried a few new ways of packing that I hope will make things easier.

After an uneventful drive, other than passing even more devastated areas, this time just outside Hueytown, we arrived at the campsite and got checked in.
I got better gas mileage than usual this trip, I think because I drove so slowly.

We got the camper set up and I arranged the inside and got our food all organized while the kids played.


Jake made a bident freedent holder! He was going for a trident, but there were not enough Legos.
The bracket twins have to chew Freedent-it really doesn't stick to dental work.


Zeph was enthralled by the woodpeckers!

We had lunch-sandwiches with humus, nutella, honey or PB&J on wheat-and Matt had a nap while we waited for everyone else to show up.


I gave Ben a haircut and put Jake's in a ponytail sprout on top of his head. When Michelle drove by on the way to her site, Jake ran over and I heard her tell Evan, "Don't talk to geishas." hahahaha!

We got Michelle all set up and Suzette was not far behind her. They got parked and Matt and Dave ran off to get propane while we all finished getting their camper set up.

Suzette consulted her menu and it was hot dog night. She quickly made Matt's beloved chocolate eclair cake so it would be soggy in time for dinner. Zeph and Matt read the paper.

I wanted to boil the hot dogs or microwave them, but Suzette wanted them over the fire-which was not even laid out yet. So for about an hour, Matt and Dave did battle with the fire and I suggested boiling the hot dogs a few more times. In the end, we all did battle with sticks and everyone ate lukewarm-to-charred hot dogs on buns.



Then we had eclair cake! YUM!

The kids spent the day on the scooter and running up and down the hill and the creek bank. I am looking forward to tomorrow when most of the campground will clear out, but that also means Matt will be headed home, which makes me feel sad. I wish he had the week to spend with us.

Weather-damp, chilly, no sun at all today