I woke up early and headed off to take a shower. There was bright sun early, but it was swallowed by more clouds.

Back at camp, I made biscuits and cheesy grits and hot tea for breakfast and we hung out with everyone for a little while.
The kids headed to the park and Suzette and Michelle walked by to say they were going to look at the dam, so we all went off to the lake together and met up at the playground with the rest of the group when Katy came down on her bike with her kiddos.

They played a long while and then we all walked to the gatehouse and asked about the lake and river and then we went on up the hill to see if we could see a barge go through the lock. After waiting about half an hour, everyone headed back down the hill. I got stopped at the gatehouse again and ended up chatting a while, so they all waited at the playground for me again and we made our way back to our camps where everyone dispersed for lunch...sort of. The moms went off to make lunches and the kids stayed at my camp and played poker. It's chilly today, still very cloudy and it's around 60, which is quite cool when the breeze kicks in.

Alex fell in the pond trying to save Zephyr.


It's nearly 2, we are hoping Cathy and Gina will be here soon! I made a hot lunch and we ate and Gina pulled up while that was going on. They nearly got hit on the way here, that sounded scary. Katy said today things go in 3's, she wondered what would be next-Inde's near-miss, Alex going in the mud that nearly ate him and I guess the Lackey's nearly getting nailed. I hope that's it for the whole trip and everything after will be smooth sailing!

I crashed for a couple of hours and when I got up, I knew I did not need to be around anyone just yet. So I drove out to look for a cell signal and called Matt, which I really needed. He was chatty and happy and thrilled at how well he had done feeding the guinea pigs-and could I tell him where their actual food was located. He had given them lots of grass and a bag of salad.

After half an hour, I headed back and we all made dinner plans and got together at my camper for taco salad night. It was a big hit, again.

We tried to make a fire, but it was not to be, so we all went to the bathhouse playground for about an hour and the kids played and played. Slowly, everyone started making their way back to their campers in little groups until it was just me and my guys, Kaitlin, Britney and Katy with her kiddos. I headed back with Jake and Katy was just behind me with her guys. We checked on Zeph and cleaned up the last of the plates and such from dinner and bundled the trash before heading back down to check in on the kids still at the playground.

We are the only ones in the campground loop and all the way to the bathhouse. There are only 3 other campers in the whole campground and it's all locked down for the night, so as long as they all stayed together, I was not worried. Jake and I headed back to the camper, the kids came on up after another 20 minutes or so. Chan headed to Cathy's and Ben complained about being bored and not tired at all yet and I changed him into pj's and covered him with his fluffy blanket and in under 4 minutes, he was snoring.

He's at a hard age-none of them are easy-but he's always been on the cusp, not quite as 'old' as Chan and Jake and their friends and he gets left out sometimes. It's not fair, but there's not really anything to remedy it, either. The other kids are not being mean or exclusive, just...teenagers. And he's 11.

I can see the Lackey's from here!

Eep! She's so cute.
This is Zeppie's first camping trip and she's doing SO well. What a great dog. : )

Inde played a game where she went to sleep in this tube, then woke up, yawned, said good morning and walked down the little stairs to the ground, tossed some sand, said goodnight and went back to bed again. Over and over and over. It was SO cute. Look at her adorable self all curled like a baby bunny. Eep!

Chan has popped in to say she will be at Cathy's and the rest of the group is back at their own campers, time to settle in for the night! Jake and I are listening to a book on CD, it's the 4th in the City of series