Woke up early-thanks construction guys!-and went to shower. The showers here are in 3 cubes, nowhere to change clothes other than out in the open! eep. That was an issue for me, as I like lots of privacy. I had to wait for the cleaning lady to mop the floor and so we talked for a few minutes. She was very nice, if a little dramatic (no more than I would be) when asked about the signs discouraging the cleaning of fish in the bathroom laundry sinks. Apparently, that happens a lot here. Ew.

That brings me to mind of the check-in here the day before. The check-in people were very nice. I had no problems at all with attitude or rudeness. : ) They did not fall all over themselves or give us a map or rules or any indication they hoped we found our site and did not stab each other with broken glass in a drunken rage later that same night. But Bobby said, and I have to agree with him for a change, that they did not want to chat because the issue of the construction would have come up. I have to say, other than their early starts, I have not had any issue with them working. They have a couple of REALLY loud things over there, but they don't run them much, really maybe an hour total each day. The backing up noise is the worst of it. And they are friendly and will stop and chat with you, or each other, or they will stand and look at holes in silence, perhaps contemplating their choices in life, maybe wondering if the earth can feel the bite of their shovelmobile with the loud backing beep.

Matt called while I was in the shower and they were on the road!

We all sat around and visited at Cathy's, awaiting breaks in the clouds so we could soak in some warmth. It was a little chilly!

Matt called about 12:30 and said they were at LBL, but the road to the campground was closed. They decided to go mudding instead of just giving up, as Suzette is prone to do-go mudding, not giving up. I gave Matt directions via the phone and they arrived around 1:20. After they got set up and had lunch, we went to the Nature Station and saw the animals and watched the birds of prey show and then stuck around talking to the staff until they kicked us out at closing time. Again, nothing but pleasant interaction with the employees, I have been very happy.

Since we had new folk, we went back to the Elk and Bison Prairie and drove around and saw the herd and the 6 grazing elk again, it was just as exciting the second time. The sign said there were 42 bison and 27 elk, we saw 9 elk total and 37 bison.

Back at camp, we tossed food into our cars and drove to the activity building where we had a nice dinner all together at actual tables. It was taco night and we all ate well. Mmmm!

We had another campfire and more s'mores to celebrate our group camping trip. : )

Matt and I hung out with Bobby and Gina until 11 and then we headed home. The boys were already sacked out and Chan was at Cathy's again. I have seen her about 12 minutes all week. Both times, I got the tight-lipped smile that is Chandler's all-purpose response to anything on the 'pleasant' half of the spectrum. She has a squinty-eyed tongue-out look for the unpleasant half. Never in the history of man has there been a 12 year old girl with less to say. She communicates via letter, look and in the case of her big brother, an occasional verbal tirade and emphasizing smacks about the head and shoulders. All of which, I have to admit, he generally has earned.

Weather: high around 70, low in the mid 40's
scattered clouds, some sunny times.
Breezy all day, no breeze at night.

$35 for 5 passes to all 3 LBL attractions
$5 at the Elk and Bison Prairie


The view out of my door.

Gina showed up with a caterpillar she had found.
We watched it for the whole day, then let it go.

I liked this one, after using the macro lens for the caterpillar, I turned it to fisheye to get the whole campsite, the bug is just a tiny speck on a citronella candle lid.


After Suzette and her family and Matt arrived, we had lunch and headed to the Nature Station.

The muddy camper from various creek fordings:


Ben is amazed with this bison tooth!



I guess this guy was tired of being looked at.
Go away, human. Blech


Squirrel in a jar:

Turkey boy:


She is an 18 month old female, they put her in with a 6-7 year old male.
They are hoping for puppies, which will be released into the wild in North Carolina.

We stayed for the Birds of Prey show:

A screech owl, they weigh 1/4 pound and can eat a mouse a night.
They also eat insects.

Female red-tail hawk

Barred Owl:

Barn owl:

Afterward, we went to the Elk and Bison Prairie again:

First, a geocache!

On to the animals!

hehehe! The grass hanging down looks like fangs!

Back at camp, Matt and I went to take pictures of the sunset, but there was none.
So, I took a couple of the heron instead!

We had dinner in the activity building, which worked out really well!

Then, a fire at the Lackey's!

My poetic shot.
S'mores and flames,
Perfect ending!