This morning the work crew was back at work by 7 and they brought out a super noisy rumble machine today.

It took 2 full minutes before I realized it was thunder and ran around getting stuff under cover. It rained off and on until around 1. Yesterday, I thought their noisy machines were my mini fridge going out.

We hung out and visited around each others campers for the morning and when Cathy and Karen were packed up around 11, we headed to the planetarium for the noon show. After the show, there was a good break in the rain and we went on down to the 1850's Homeplace and spent about an hour wandering around and talking to the people who work there. We have always had a good experience at the Homeplace and this time was no different. Knowledgeable and interesting people bring the 1850's to life, going about their daily chores and answering questions, demonstrating the tools and techniques to get things done in a day. I love the Homeplace, other than seeing the bison, it is my favorite part of being here.

Cathy and Karen had to leave out for home, so we parted ways and Bobby and Gina needed to run an errand in town, I wanted to go back to the camp and eat, so we all did our own thing for a few hours. Matt and I had a good nap while the kids ran around and played together. I finally drug myself out of bed, the early mornings are not helping me out with the being tired. We headed to Suzette's for grilling out and ate dinner again, then went to Bobby and Gina's for dessert of toasted marshmallows-the last of them tonight-and Suzette made chocolate eclair cake because she knew Matt liked it.

We lucked out on the weather, it's supposed to rain tonight and most of tomorrow, but this evening was mild and clear! Matt and I tarped the camper, so we are ready if it gets yucky. I hope we can get to swim before we have to leave, I am starting to wonder if it will be warm enough this trip.

Weather today:
Rain until early afternoon
Heavy clouds and chilly breeze until around 7
Sun came out, lovely sunset on the lake just before 8
No breeze in the evening, clear skies at bedtime
Lows: mid 40's

$6 for souvenirs

Sunrise from the camper

We headed to the planetarium:

After, we got a picture of the kids at Golden Pond:

This is indigo!

My little caravan!

At the 1850's Homeplace:



Cathy, Kaitlin, Karen and Keilee headed back home after the Homeplace
We all made our way back to camp and grilled out for dinner at the Amos Camp:

And another campfire at the Lackey's: