I got off to a slightly late start. We were supposed to all meet at 7:45 and it was closer to 8.

But, we hit the road, stopping at Clarksville, TN for gas and lunch around noon and pulled into the campground at a little past 1.

It took a while for me to get set up, Karen called it nesting and I have to agree. First, getting into the site was not very easy since my driveway is about a 20 degree angle from the road, running nearly parallel to the road. There are men working on a new bathhouse-just across the road-and they helped me get it in and parked. Bobby came over and I took pictures while he and Karen, Cathy and Gina pushed it up on a block to level it some more. It was tilting downhill, but there is hardly another option. I guess the extreme slope is to aid in rainwater runoff.

Site 2 would be impossible to get into, I need to get a picture of that. I think they designed the sites for camping elves with tiny caravans pulled by flying horses. I am in site 5. It's not too bad. Bobby and Gina are in site 1, it's uphill from the road, so they had to back in-avoiding huge railroad ties-and push their huge camper up a hill. I would not want that one, either, though they did fine. Cathy is in site 7, it's another angled driveway, hers was JUST wide enough for the camper to fit. Dave and Suzette are in site 6, by far the best site. There is one pull-through in this loop, I think it's 9. I am sure if you had a motorcycle camper, you could pull through, but in a regular camper or pulling with a truck, you'd never make it. The van might, if I could move it forward and sideways at the same time. Which...has happened before. I would just need to get my speed up and then slam the brakes, skidding between the trees and ending up doing some minivan version of a Tokyo drift, oh, and make sure the camper did the exact same thing 2 seconds behind me. I thought the camper was going to flip coming in the campground, the road into our loop has a big ditch that has washed out some-I am talking about across the width of the road. I dropped down in the van and hit it, then Poppy had to drop and make the turn and she went TIIIIIPPPP to the side. Eep!

The next loop down, loop C, is closer to the water and some of their sites have the floodwater-laden lake lapping at the cross ties. While I finished putting all our stuff just so, everyone else went to the playground and to check out our swim beach. I finally tinkered until I was happy and headed off to meet them. We sat around looking at the flooded beach a while and feeding the mosquitoes, then decided to go to the Elk and Bison Prairie.

We drove around the big loop and I yammered on about previous sightings, telling Cathy that we may not see any animals, but getting my hopes up anyway.

We saw a couple elk hiding off in the trees, saw 2 bison by a waterhole. We went around a curved hill and there was the herd! 32 bison, 7 were babies! Swoon! We took about one zillion photos until there was really nothing else to shoot. Back in the van, we kept on driving and saw a few more bison here and there, then near where Matt and I saw our first bison back in 2003, there were 6 elk out grazing on the hillside. What a treat! We took more pictures.

After the prairie, we went off to Cadiz (think 'Katie's') and picked up some groceries and headed back in time to see the sunset over the lake! Cathy fed us all lasagna and then we had a fire at Gina's and made S'mores and Karen and I chatted a long time, listening to the whippoorwills call. Lovely first day!

Weather: high 59, low in the 40's
Cloudy and overcast with a few drops of sprinkles
No real rain, low breeze.
I kept the heat on all night.

$42.50 in gas
$19 for lunch
$5 at the Elk and Bison Prairie
$28 for groceries
The campsite was $96 for 5 nights, prepaid in January

Lunch at the Exit 4 BK in Clarksviille
It was not that great.

The picnic area at the swim beach
If you think 'mosquitoes' when you see standing water, you don't know the half of it.

The swim beack at the campground.
I was really bummed about the flooding, we never did get in here, even though we could see it from the camp.

Keilee's new puppy, Nomad.
He was SO good.

We head to the Elk and Bison Prairie:

Can you guess which button we all pushed?

The herd!

Baby bison!!


We saw a zillion of these guys!

I think he thinks he is hiding...

Back at camp, Gina and I went to watch the sunset on the lake:


This was our first glimpse of the sun ALL DAY LONG:

We had dinner at Cathy's site:

Then the kids all headed to my camper for some reason.
That's 6 kids and a dog in there.

They were soon lured away by fire and sugar-what a great combo!

We threw in Funky Flames when the marshmallows were all toasted

My driving log going up