We woke up to silence again, a lovely feeling.

We eventually had breakfast, I cleaned up the camper for a while, just pre-sorting for in the morning. I am sad to go, this has been a great trip.

We all saw Dave and Suzette off after another daylight performance of 'Eye of the Bison' and a quick run with Zachary to get the geocache just down at the dam.

Chan made muffins and I made some brownies while all the baking stuff was out.

Matt and Ben wandered down to the lake to look for turtles. They saw about 20 and came back with an inchworm. I had caught a huge beetle in the bug box for them to look at, then we let it go. We just sort of hung out for a while. The weather all morning was cool, sunny and very comfy in no sleeves and shorts.

Around noon, we all went hiking at Hematite Lake. By hiking, I mean we donated gallons of blood to the local skeeter population.

We all walked together to the duck blind, about a mile from the cars. Then the Lackey's, Ben and Chan went back the way we came while Matt and I chased down Jake, who went the other way. The three of us ended up hiking around the whole lake, about 2.5 miles or so. We saw a beaver lodge and heard the beavers inside. We also saw loads of slag, which in this case were blue rocks, from where they used to make iron at Hematite Lake. The sky was so blue today, it was like it was apologizing for that unpleasant raining business yesterday.

Back at camp, we had lunch and then went swimming at Moss Creek, an awesome rock beach on Kentucky Lake. The water was quite chilly, but after that hike, no one complained much. The Lackey's headed on back to camp to get dinner, we stopped for a few geocaches first and looked around a lovely old cemetery. Matt and Jake saw a turtle laying eggs next to the trail! That was exciting. They also saw a Fowler's toad at the cache.

I was having a cold drink desire, so we pulled in at the Nature Station to nab some drinks from their machine and as we pulled in, we saw several deer crossing the road. One was black! I have never seen a black deer. Back in the van with my blue Powerade, all I wanted next was a long shower.

We all had showers and then made dinner. Gina came over to visit and we sent the kids to watch a movie in the van while we made and ate microwave cake. hehehe. Then we talked about The Bison Incident a while. The further away from it we get, the more scared we all are about it. It's bizarre.

She headed home and we all took Benedryl and hit the sack. Well, all but me since I am still up typing. : )

We go home tomorrow, I am not at all ready to go back. This has been a great trip, so many things to see and do. I loved the beach at Moss Creek and there are so many little cemeteries I have not seen yet. I could stay another week, easily. But, Matt has to be at work Monday and we need to get back to take care of the critters and all of that. Home seems so far away, I love my little camper. We are nearly out of clothes and forks, though. I guess it all has to end sometime.

Warm, sunny, clear
High-maybe 80
Low 50's

Expenses: $5.25 in spare change for vending machine drinks


Chan made muffins!


Hematite Lake:

Blue-eyed grass

This blue gravel is really chunks of slag from when LBL was Land Between the Rivers and also, an iron making area.


Moss Creek:


Nickell Cemetery:

They never met

This guy was good to linger near the road and be in the front of the herd. Made getting his picture easier!