It is Monday afternoon, Matt is on his way home from work and I am all packed. When he gets here, we will load the van and hook up the camper, it's all coming together well today. Karen and Keilee are going to join us, we are all very excited!

We made our reservations back in January. Cathy, Gina and Suzette are also coming with their campers. It will be a great trip!

My sole hesitation in going to Land Between the Lakes is hands-down their below average standards in public relations. Last time we went camping at LBL, back in 2003, the woman who checked us in at the campground yelled at me and was so rude to another family we were supposed to be camping with that they left.
I decided it was time to give them another shot, made my reservations, then last week, saw an article about the flooding and closed campgrounds at LBL and called their 'call before you haul' number to see if our campground was closed or damaged-one of the campgrounds has no sewage system and only has port-a-potties, that's kind of need-to-know stuff there. The woman who answered was very condescending about Energy Lake being open. Like I could have known some other way? Their update page at their website was down all day. "UGH, it's OPEN" is not the best way to warm to cockles of my heart, especially since I'm heading there to spend money.

Rest assured, I will be keeping a close eye and ear on the situation and shall make a full report! Will LBL pass my admittedly lax standards of dealing with the public, or will they go down in a blaze of angry wording and bad press? Time will tell!

We head out in the morning, planning to meet up to caravan togetherish. I can get there on a single tank, I doubt anyone else can. Plus, food stops and bathroom breaks for those of us who are not Cathy. Suzette and Dave are leaving out Wednesday morning and they are bringing Matt with them, so he will only miss 3 days of work instead of 4. That is a big help.

Gerri is coming by to check on the animals and house (thanks, Gerri!) while we are gone, I have the mail stopped, I have packed everything I can imagine we might need, the kids and I went through all of it and unpacked several things because I go overboard. I am taking more food than I usually do, I need to stay on budget and new grocery stores bring out the insane in me. I will go in for hot dogs and cheese and come out with $45 more in stuff I can't get back home. Since Matt is riding with Suzette, I can use that weight difference to make up for the extra food. I am trying to stay under 75% of my tow capacity for optimum safety and ease on my aging engine. I have been reading RV books. : )
Tow capacity is so misleading!