Well, this was a round-about trip!

We started off going to Indian Boundary Lake since it's Matt's favorite place to camp.
It was booked solid as were many other campgrounds we were familiar with in the area.

We decided to go to the Gulf instead and finish up the last 3 days of my October trip plan that got rained out.
I made reservations at a state park there, then Friday, I panicked because of the weather and cancelled them.

After researching for over a month for various activities and places to stay everywhere else, I looked on-line about 5 minutes, got 2 phone numbers for AR state parks and called. The second place gave me a reservation.

What I did not like about the process:
I was given a site number, that was it. No total, no confirmation number, not even directions.
When I checked in the next day, I was not given directions to the campsite or given a total I was charged or given a list of rules. I like rules.

What I did not like about site 8:
It was covered in a light wash of dried red mud and gravel. You knew the minute it rained, more mud would join it, making the dried footprints of the previous occupants soften to allow YOUR foot to sink in 3 inches into the sticky mess. Red clay mud is the very devil of soils. There was no shade at all and other than a narrow paved strip, the site was bare red dirt and gravel.
The picnic table was bolted into the ground. The site was on 2 levels, the camping pad well down the slope from the parking area and picnic table, the pad was covered in more red mud and gravel. The parking area had multiple oil leak stains, some very fresh. You had to park over them or else step in them, then the oil puddle was under the van-did we do that? Ack! It was added stress. Also, it was a LONG way from the bathhouse and the road was paved and HOT.

What I did like about site 8:
It had a nice view of the lake and the nuclear power plant and if you stood in the right spot, you could see Mt. Nebo.

On Sunday, we moved to site 27.

What I did not like about site 27:
It was all gravel.

What I did like about site 27:
It was between the campground hosts and the bathhouse.
The gravel did allow for fast draining of the site and it was hard-packed, so the camper and van did not sink up.
It was fenced in.
It was totally shaded.
We could still see the lake.
The picnic table could be moved.
It backed up to an open wooded area, like Sugar Creek. Lots of play space.

In Loop C, many of the campsites were landscaped with levels for the fire pit and so on. It was quite pretty, backed up to the marina and all. There was a little stand of cypress below our site. The host campsite was nice, they had a little garden of privacy trees in pots between us and the campsites were well apart to begin with. 27 is my pick for the whole campground. It was also barrier-free and so were the bathrooms. Wheelchairs would have no trouble getting around.

Okay, on with the trip!

Saturday: driving, arriving, swim, sunset
Sunday: driving, Oklahoma, bank robber gravesites and Cherokee Syllabarys, deep water swimming, our western-most geocache to date
Monday: highest point in Arkansas, the picklesickle experience, we travel to Paris, another sunset
Tuesday: heading home, French cross-dressers get a state park in Arkansas and I wax poetic about kudzu