We woke up to pouring rain.

Well, I woke up to some VERY excited birds around 2, they were going psycho in the trees around us. When the rain set in, they got quiet.

The camper did not leak at all! I was glad since after the winds the first day, we had abandoned our usual tarps clamped on the ends system.

It finally slacked off around 9, we had breakfast and the kids moved their stuff and themselves to the van and got settled. Matt and I made short work of putting away the camper. It was really wet, but short of staying another few hours, there was nothing to be done.

We stopped at Petit Jean State Park on the way home. In fact, we stopped a LOT on the way home. It took us 12 hours to get back.

I really liked Petit Jean, I would stay there next time. Dardanelle had the real advantage of being just off 40 and very flat-driving there was no different than driving to Florida as far as hills. But Petit Jean only had a mile of fairly steep driving and the rest was slow climbing, it was a very easy haul with Poppy still on the back of the van!

The overlooks were amazing, the 2 main overlooks were totally handicap accessible.

We got back on the road over 3 hours later, stopped for lunch, stopped for gas-the pump was really slow, so we stopped an hour or so later to top off, we stopped for dinner at Moulton and various geocaches en route. We wanted to get a Slugburger in Mississippi, but the only stand we found was closed. : (

We got home around 9:30 to yapping dogs-they were nutso to get out of that pen! After a solid sniffing of us and the van, they were OFF. I did not see them again before I went to bed. Eep. There must have been something major going on in the neighborhood!

Budget stuff:
The campsite was $93. ACK I only budgeted $18 a night, which is what FL State Parks cost. Our site was $31 and change a night.
We spent $181 on gas
We spent $35 on goodies
We spent $79 on food (other than groceries from home)
and $7 on a headlight

$398 for 4 days, or $100 a day. Just within budget! *whew*


Goodbye, Lake Dardenelle!

At Petit Jean State Park:


From the north overlook:
That's Mt. Nebo that looks like a stair-step

At the CCC Overlook:


At Turtle Rocks:

At Cedar Falls:

That trickle is the falls.

From the side of the road where Matt pulled over so I could take a picture of the flowers:

Button Snakeroot

Prairie Blazing Star

Random shots on the drive back:
(I took dozens more of these)

Ah, the Kudzu Castles of the South

From James Dickey's Kudzu:
Up telephone poles,
Which rear, half out of leafage
As though they would shriek,
Like things smothered by their own
Green, mindless, unkillable ghosts.

Kudzu vines grow a foot a day, so fast you can hear the stretch of them growing.
If you listen.

The little blue squiggle of recent travels.

Home again