Ben headed back to the house and Chan and I opted to go on over to the overlook and see if we could catch a sunset. The night before we decided to not go because it had been raining and then over the tops of the trees, the sky was amazing orange and pink and yellow and purple. We did not want to miss another chance. We set up our stick signal for Matt at the trail marker and headed for the point.

Rattlesnake hole, lower right corner, it was STILL IN THERE. The state park is on the job and it's been relocated.
They do not usually mess with snakes, but this was a rattler on a popular overlook. They set up shop and stay put, so for visitor safety, they will relocate venomous snakes in that situation.
It is illegal to kill any snake in the state of Tennessee. I learned that at the reptile show!

There was no sky visible, so we opted to sit and watch the mist roll in. It was lovely! By the time we headed home, the mist had swallowed us, we were in a cloud.

Matt joined us, the stick signal worked!
We headed back while there was still light, Chan had abandoned her shoes along the way and we needed to get them.

Back at the house, I made some REALLY good potato soup.
Then Ben and Chan put on headlamps and ran around in the downstairs shop, they made so much noise it echoed in the house.