It poured rain for a while, so I pulled out Plan B. Matt took Chan to pick up some goodies at the Dutch Maid Bakery for her and Ben while Ben and I took showers and changed clothes and when they got back, we all piled in the van and drove the 4-5 miles to the state park visitor center for the reptile show! I felt I needed some more snake sighting in my day, I guess.

Park did the talk, it was pretty cool. He had 3 corn snakes, but they were all patterned differently and somehow looking them over and talking about snakes took a whole hour. We got an extra cool surprise, he had some snake eggs a local lady found in her garden and donated. That was cool on it's own, being able to see them-they were huge-but then he turned out the light and held a flashlight behind one. Eep! A baby snake all coiled up in there!! You could see it very well!

Chan with Ruby and Ben looking decidedly NOT interested in the snake.

Matt with Ruby, he wanted to take her home!

Chan holding Fivel, Park's pet snake. Fivel is a MOUSE name, I was secretly horrified but kept it in.
I could not actually touch one of the snakes and Ben was about out on the floor. He has felt ROTTEN for days, it seemed to get worse over the weekend.


We headed back to the house and I made a hot lunch, the sun came back out and I talked the kids into exploring the creek with me. This is at the end of the driveway.

They watched this spider weave the web for about half an hour. Matt came by with his pack on, he was going to get some geocaches along the trail. We made a plan to leave sticks in a certain pattern if we went on out to the overlook to watch the sunset. There was speculation that it might rain again, it was starting to get cloudy.

Chan and I walked down the creek to the top of Anderson Falls and got a good view of those stairs!

Another 'she's in a bathing suit' shot that appears as if Chan is a woodland nudist. I have a collection. This was an accident, I was trying to get a sun beam hitting the bridge and a cloud ate it.