We had big plans for hiking the whole 13 miles of the Fiery Gizzard Trail 5 on Saturday plus the overlook spur and 8 on Sunday. We got up and got going, the kids griping about not sleeping enough. I did my usual laying awake all night that I am so fond of the first night anywhere. I even do it in the camper. I ended up reading most of the night, though the house and bed were both very comfortable.

On the way to the overlook, we went down the 200 steps to see Anderson Falls again, this time with our cameras!

Hey, 171 steps to the top from the platform. You'd take more than one photo, too.

neeeeeearly there...


Then we were off to Raven's Point Overlook. After that climb, my legs were happy for the nearly flat half-mile stroll! The overlook did not disappoint! We milled around a while looking off in all three directions the view offers. Of which, I took two photos of...the same view and it looks like I pushed Ben over the edge to clear my shot.
The reason for this is simple, I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake and my legs ceased working. Then I had to pet on the kids, then it started thundering, so we walked back to the house instead of hiking to the south trailhead, I took pictures of mushrooms and counted the kids 'one two one two' over and over. I am not afraid of snakes on the whole, but a rattlesnake is different. They are aggressive.

It was in that crack over on the right. Bastard shook his rattle at me!

I still don't know any fungi, but this has been a bumper year for it!