We got up and packed up, had breakfast and then loaded the van.

Park called and said he needed us at the visitor center, so we ran over there and met him and stacked and loaded wood that we later hauled back to the bridge site. Thank GOODNESS that trail is nearly flat, I would have died in a heap hauling it to Foster Falls. It made me appreciate all over again the bridges and rock steps on all the trails.

4x4, 6x6 and 2x10's, all 8-16 feet. That's HEAVY, yo.

Jake and Rho marked the trail with reflectors!

The ravine!

The ONE photo of me, I told Chan she was hammering like a drunk monkey and took her hammer away. Jake took a photo of me at work,
then Chan reclaimed her hammer so I got stuck going back for more wood.

We got the 6x6's level and squared and hammered into place. The first support beam put together and put into place and the rest of the foundation set.
That's Jason, another ranger who came to help. He's wearing safety chaps because he was using the chainsaw. For some reason, they gave me the giggles, I imagine because we all downed an energy drink before hitting the trail and I was kind of tipsy.
Park and Katie are working this weekend on the rest of the bridge, he hopes to have it done Sunday.
I will update when he sends me photos.

I love my expression, it's like I suddenly have no clue where I am or why.
Who ARE these people?

Heading home