Sun's not even up!

I had to relocate this small bastard from the carport where he was keeping my sandal company. This was just after the crack of dawn.

Thursday, we got going EARLY, Katy helped me ferry a crew of the big kids over to Grundy Lake where we spent 2 hours building a new trail! We made some pretty good progress, the kids worked so hard, I was impressed. Of course, we gave them heavy duty hand tools and told them to cut a swath of destruction following the orange flags. Park is working on adding a mile of trail to the system as a nature and historical interpretive trail. We put in about a tenth of a mile and he will still need to chainsaw a couple bigger fallen trees that our axe weilding just could not impress.

Looka THAT. It's blue inside, I am unsure what to think about this phenomenon.
There are so many mushrooms up here, I can't even begin to ID them.
Well, I did begin-Park loaned me a guide book.
As soon as Katy gives it back, I might find out what that is.

Once again, I was so impressed with the kids and how much they worked.


The younger kids and the other mamas got a nice restful morning and then after lunch, we loaded up and hiked the 1.3 miles to swim at Sycamore Falls. When we were done with that, the trail crew and I walked on back to the farmhouse via the 3.2 mile Doghole Trail that climbed up from the valley floor and follows along the canyon rim. It was SURPRISINGLY long! I walk 3 miles nearly every day, this 3 miles felt like 5, I am wondering if the estimate was off! The bank at Tracy City swears it is at least 15 degrees warmer than it really is, so there's a precident is what I am getting at here.



I call this one "Hidden Alabama"


Heading out on the Dog Hole Trail. I hiked this barefoot, as did most of the kids.




The dads were coming in Thursday night, so we decided to do another campfire to give them ths same little celebration we all had our first night here. Park told scary stories and we all stayed up WAYYYY too late afterward. I finally booted kids to bed when we had 6 hours to BE at the next thing, not just to sleep before we had to wake up and get going.

Carl is probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet.


Listening to Park tell a story.

After the dads arrived, Park told a scary story. Nia kept barking at the tree behind us, but we did not see anything. Then THIS happened!