In January, Cathy, Suzette and I made our reservations for Holt Lake in April!
I am very excited to be going back, we went in June of 2009 and it was SO hot. Of course, the heat sounds romantic and desirable in the winter...


April 26-29, 2010


We got going fairly early and after an uneventful 3 hours, arrived and checked into our site. I had Nuvi set on least gas usage and he drug us through every one horse town from Eva to Adger, and that's saying something.

We were set up very leisurely in about an hour and headed out to call Matt, as there is no cell signal at the campground.

We found Cathy on the way around the loop and Kaitlin went with us to find a cell tower.
By the time we got back, Cathy was all set up!

I parked at my site and ack! the awning had flipped in the wind! It bent one pole, but after I tied the legs to the railing, it did not happen again.
We ended up at Cathy's for a while, but I was zonked, so I went back to Poppy for a nap with Ben-which lasted about 12 minutes! He abandoned me for more exciting avenues and I ended up piled in the bed with my blankets and pillows, reading most of the afternoon.

The weather was quite chilly, lots of wind and heavy clouds and the water was brown and choppy with whitecaps and stuff floating by like logs and such. The lake smelled really fishy. Bleh!

I tried moving outside with my blanket into my big camp chair, but the wind cut through me. Back in the camper I went, little heater purring away.

The kids showed up in the late afternoon wanting to have a hike. We ended up walking to the beach playground, then on up to the main gates and watching a barge go through the lock. On the way back to the campers, we stopped and looked at all kinds of flowers and trees and I named off as many as I could.

Back at Cathy's, we had dinner and the kids played the paper game. We talked about watching a movie, but I was too tired...I guess from the heavy resting I had done earlier in the afternoon! The boys and I walked back to our camper and sacked out!


My chair on our deck, barge in the distance.

Watching the barge go through the lock

Small falls on the walk

The girls check out the inside of a tulip poplar bloom

Jake uses his head!

I love this one.

At Cathy's enjoying the view.

Playing the paper game. I am not sure of the rules, but they all write lots while they play!