Cathy dropped Chan off at our camper around 7 and headed back home. We went back to sleep until a little after 8 and I tended Jake's sunburn and we all ate some breakfast.

I am not ready to go back home. We have such a busy few days ahead, and I have so enjoyed our time at the lake.

Suzette came down to check things out and we ended up going to watch a barge and the kids all hung out at my camper. We got back and the kids all headed to the playground by the bathhouse while we chatted and struck camp. I left around noon with all our gear packed away-including my wallet, which was in a drawer in the camper. I had to dig that out once we got home so I could get gas to get the kids in to meet Matt for the play. Eep

6 loads of laundry and a clean kitchen and bathroom later, we are definitely back home. The kids and Matt are back from the 6th of 11 performances of the Wizard of Oz-which confuses me. the wizard IS Oz, and it's the Emerald City-it should be the Wizard of Emerald City, right?

My notebook binder is crammed with all kinds of goodies!

Our last morning to watch the fog burn off the lake.

Goodbye barges!