I awoke at 7:30 to the sound of some horrid tortured engine sound. It turned out to be across the river in the woods where I could not see. I have no idea what it was, generator, nearly-dead barge engine, a flat tornado siren, a leaf blower?

The lake is pretty where the sun (!) is already hitting it, tendrils of fog are coming off. In the shady parts, it's totally still and flat. I want to think that means lovely weather all day, but it was still and flat yesterday morning until about 9, when the wind came back and slapped us all around the rest of the day.

We went over to the lake with Cathy and Kaitlin and around 12:45, Suzette came barreling in and got set up-backing right in to her site! We all ended up back at the lake a couple more hours. Afterward, I went to shower with my crew and then made baked potatoes for dinner. We took our stuff to Suzette's where she had tacos ready and Cathy showed up with a big pot of mac and cheese. mmmm! Suzette made brownies in her Tupperware thingy for dessert.

The kids all headed to Cathy's and the moms sat in Suzette's new camper and chatted until 9, when it was decided it was time for bed!

Cathy decided to head back early Thursday, so we said our goodbyes. We have to leave by noon, the kids have a play Thursday night.