At around 6:15 a.m., it rained for about 3 minutes and then started clearing off. Good thing I spent all that time putting on tarps the day before!

The boys woke up around 8 and we had Poptarts before they headed to Cathy's, probably for breakfast! hahaha

I stayed behind to finish my book. I got dressed and made the beds, Jake sleeps like he is being chased and his bedding looks like a rodent nested in it.

My neighbors are early risers, Site 6 is particularly loud and they seem to like to drive away in their boat and come right back in every hour. Also, one of them (there are 3 men) is dumb as a stump and needs things repeated to him in a loud voice. But they are quiet the better part of the day and most importantly, at night, so it has not been too bad.

The wind came back up and things kept falling out of the trees onto the camper. I checked for widow makers when I parked, but I am still wary when something whacks the tarp over my head!

The weather is turning out to be sunny, maybe it will last and we can get to the beach.


We did get to the beach. By the time I unloaded, got the boats and tubes blown up, got the snacks and blankets out and had settled in to read a while and watch the kids, they were out of the water, freezing.

It WAS colder, clouds filled the sky and by the time I had reloaded the van with wet and sandy toys and blankets and frozen children, I was convinced it was going to pour rain.

We dropped wet stuff at the camper, grabbed clean dry clothes and headed to the bathhouse for hot showers, which Ben and I got and Jake did not read the arrows and ended up taking a cold shower in his stall. Ack.

We stopped by Cathy's and had lunch. They put Serenity in to watch and I headed back to my camper. It makes me cry, every time. I love Book and Wash.

My quieter neighbor left 2 days early and said I could have his considerable stash of firewood. Before I even got the 3rd piece (I did grab 2!) some new folks moved in-with a big barking dog! Blah!
They left very early the next morning, which was good-but they took all the wood with them! hahaha!

The sun came back out, the wind got back up. I left the windows down in the van and my parking permit blew right out into the lake! Ack.

I walked down and picked up the kids and Cathy for another walk. We walked up to the bathhouse and the playground there, the kids played and I walked on around the upper loop. There are some very nice campsites back there!

We went back to Cathy's and got the puppies and walked to the beach to take a few more flower pictures. There are so many red winged blackbirds!
After the sun set, we went to watch a movie while the lasagna cooked. For an hour and a half. I ate and was done for! Ben and I came back to our camper, it was COLD! Between the heater and our warm bedding, we slept just fine.


I was just dinking, taking a few pictures and there's Ben, mugging off in the distance. : )

There was a bubble-based memorial service for a dead inchworm the kids found earlier in the day.