We got up and had breakfast, loaded up the camper and van and got on the road by 10. We drove up to the arch at Sewanee and planned to hike the 4 mile Buggytop to Carter Cave, but the cave was closed and no one felt like a long hike just to SEE the opening.

Back in the van, we went on up to Tracy City to discover...the Dutch Maid Bakery was OPEN! Oh boy!

After that stop, it was off to picnic at Grundy Lakes and then a swim in the icy waters.

We headed home around 3, stopping for a couple geocaches and we took the 'long way' home, so we arrived back around 6.

We all unloaded the van and camper, got the laundry going first thing, checked our critters and had hot baths and tick checks. I am glad we had such an nice weekend, the kids and Matt have 9 rehearsals in the next 2 weeks followed by 7 performances in 5 days. There are no more weekends off until After The Play.

This is a little depot in Cowan, TN


Natural Arch
Sewanee, TN:


Tracy City:

Hmmm, a Heather-safe 'chocolate chip' cookie!

But, all was made up for by the whiskey cake. Jack Daniels IN a cake.


Grundy Lakes:

The upper lake has 2 picnic tables and very limited parking, it was LOVELY. We had the whole place to ourselves.

The lakes are fed by this artesian well, the water coming out was COLD and fast.

Matt performs an ode to the perfect picnic spot.

Lower Grundy Lake:

Coke ovens from the swim beach

King of the Mountain!

Trail around Grundy Lake:

Overlook at Sewanee, TN:

Various shots out the window on the drive home.

Back through Cowan!





$42 for 2 nights (which is insanely high for a basic site)