It POURED rain after we got up and there was some drama. First, the canopy decided to rip loose and we had to rush and fix that. Then Chandler was running-down a hill, in the rain, wearing worn-out Crocs and hit a slab of red-mud covered slick pavement. She wiped flat out, ass, back then head slamming into the ground. She got both elbows and was filthy. I got her back and washed her up some at the camper, she changed clothes and I brushed the mud out of her hair and gave her Tylenol.

We left before 9 and drove to Rock Island State Park and hiked around in the rain, then made our way to Fall Creek Falls State Park for more hiking and finally made our way back to Tullahoma to eat a very welcome dinner at...Fazoli's! We got to the camper after sunset and had showers and hit the sack.


Looking for potential food, we discover...Hair Candy! EW
We had breakfast in the camper.

Our first stop was Rock Island State Park:

At Rock Island State Park

I particularly love this little castle it was the first adventure we ever went on as a family.
I saw a picture of it in a book just after we moved to Tennessee, but had no idea where it was, so it was the first thing I ever researched and sought out.
It was as much of a thrill to see it this time as it was the first.

What a trail! Ack

Matt, for scale. He's taking a picture, not a wee.

When the lake is full, the dam in the far background is also a waterfall.

It rained off and on while we walked.

I love karst topography!

You can see the van in this shot, in the upper right corner in the trees!


I loved the little wispy falls along the walls of the gorge

If you say so...

We hiked a total of about 7 miles and I think 60% was straight uphill or up stairs.


Twin Falls
Rock Island State Park

I have a picture taken here the last time we visited, when Ben was 3.

The Powerhouse

Yeah, so there.


Fall Creek Falls State Park

Piney and Caney Falls

Caney from the top falls above and below from the other rim of the lower falls.


Cache on the way back!


Day Three