Our regular skate day got bumped up a week and we wanted to do something that Friday, so we decided to go camping together!
We all needed somewhere close for $ and time constraints, so we headed to Buck's Pocket.

Within 2 hours of home
Campground host
good hiking there and nearby
allow campfires
good for groups
playground and open play spaces

It's a little pricey, even for a state park
it gets crowded on weekends-though it was still pretty quiet
the bathrooms needed to be cleaned
the road in/out is steeeep in places

Suzette had come in on Thursday, but we had to get some things taken care of Thursday and did not head out until early Friday morning.

We pulled in before 11 with Heather on our bumper. The Lackey's came in for the day about an hour after that.

As soon as we'd all had some lunch, I went with the kids to the creek to play.

Austin apparently has cooties!

Gina, Suzette, Dave and Matt wandered back and forth to check on the kids, Heather came and joined my vigil, which was very useful as the kids decided to go different directions. She was able to keep up with the group that had her youngest while I kept an eye on the girls.

Britney had not brought extra clothes, so I gave her my pajamas to wear.

The kids sat in the sun warming up for so long that they were all a little pink!

These two found some swords...

We drove up to the overlook. Well, Jake drove. THAT was scary! He's doing really well, but there are not many switchbacks and steep roads for him to practice on around here.

The smoke in the valley above is just behind our camper in the next row over.

Poor Benny!

In keeping with his previous terrify all role, Bobby jumped the gap to get over where Matt was. As he dropped down to the next level, all the kids squealed. I could SEE the rock he was landing on and I still about had a heart attack.

Matt's shots of us!:

We grilled out for dinner. I grilled Boca burgers and Boca Chik'n. They were not half bad!
After dinner, we got a fire going. I mainly contributed by hauling in wood I found at other sites.

Roasting hot dogs!

Heather made these cone things, she put marshmallows and chocolate in waffle cones and wrapped them in foil for mess-free s'mores.
We decided it needed mini marshmallows and chocolate chips so they'd melt easier.

When it was down to coals, we headed to bed. Britney stayed, so she slept with Chan, Emily took Jake's bed, Jake and Austin slept in the back of the van and Ben slept in the floor on several layers of blankets. We were all toasty inside Poppy, but Jake said he got cold in the van.

The next morning, Zep got so cold when she went to go potty that Matt had to thaw her out with his hot tea!

Suzette and Dave had to get back for baseball.
We had planned to stay another night, but the campground was getting packed and we had things we needed to do at home. Jake's oral surgery is Monday morning. Ugh
So, we headed on out at lunch with everyone else.
Heather wanted to go on to Cherokee Rock Village since we were so close, we decided to join her!

When we got to CRV, there was LOADS of recent construction, trees down, roads and parking lots put up!
I was dazed, it did not have the wild feel, though the rocks were all still the same-I THINK. It seemed like a couple places looked different, like maybe there was a cave-in.
I ended up finding a little perch and staying put, this lizard kept me company for a while.

As we headed back out, we stopped at the overlook.

It was a good trip, we really enjoyed hanging out with everyone for a while, we have missed our friends!
Can't wait for our May trip!