The next morning, I was up at 6 and sat around at the picnic table waiting for something to happen. I did not want to walk off while the kids were asleep, even for just a short walk, so I puttered around and wrote about the weather in my notebook.

The weather was this: no dew. That means rain on the way! The drought was about to get some relief. The only thing was, we had no rain gear as the forecast said 10% chance of rain the whole time. After the kids got up, we talked it over and examined Ben's foot and then decided to head out, taking our time. So we ate and played in the creek, then broke camp, not getting in a big hurry. It was after 11 before we shouldered our packs. We headed out, planning to stop at Linden Meadows to rest and refresh.

Ben, our resident Lefty, managed to turn the wrong way when we were angling for a shot of our HUGE backpacks all loaded down.

Linden Meadows has a lovely wildflower glade, a pavillion with water, a porch swing and picnic tables and a privy!

Sooner than we expected, we were back out at the top and back at the van.
We turned in our maps and put our packs back in the van, then decided to do a quick walk to get a few more wildflower photos.
Well, I wanted photos. The kids were game for anything, now that those packs were off! Even with less than 30 pounds, taking it all off at once makes you light-headed and bouncy!

Chan was sitting so casually, with her feet hanging over the 60 foot drop, I had to get a shot of it.

The highlight of the trip, a lady slipper!
Jake said it's Latin name was Scrotus testiculus. I said that was his new trail name.