Saturday we got up and ate breakfast at Tellico Grains!

We headed to Coker Creek to see some waterfalls, our first stop was a 2 mile hike to Con..sta...auga Conasuga...something like that Falls. LOVELY hike, though the uphill parts were butt-kicking for me. I just don't do well climbing. We did not take water, so we were gasping at the top. We hydrated up and headed to the next place, Coker Creek Falls.

We hiked for...2 hours. The trail ended abruptly at some downed trees, so we headed back. Matt and I were sure we had miked 4 miles in and 4 miles out, but checking the GPS data later, it was just over 4 miles total. That trail was insane. It's rated easy, but I would have gone with moderate at least. LOADS of hills, we walked by the creek the whole way, sometimes level with it, sometimes way above it on a ridge, always going up and down.

Back at camp, soaked through with sweat, we found out the power had been out for 6.5 hours. I took a shower anyway and felt like crying.

We were trying to decide if we wanted to move on or stick it out, I was trying to be brave, but it was a pitiful effort. Then, as I was digging in the trunk for more water bottles, the kids said, "Oh! there's the power!" I nearly cried again. I have been on the verge of crying-or actually just crying, usually with relief-since Wednesday.

They went swimming again and we made dinner of marshmallows, multigrain bread from Tellico Grains, hummus and Nutella and honey and butter.

I got stung by something, so I took a Benedryl and went to bed early. I did not wake up until after the sun was up again. I can count the times I have slept through the night on both hands and have fingers left. It was wonderful.

The thing here being, Matt had fallen in the creek and his jeans and shoes were soaked through. So his shirt is funnier.

Below is a switchback trail, look and you can see Ben near the bottom and Chan and Jake on other layers.


Chan gives the okay that she thinks she will probably live.

This is the happiest dog in the world.