We got up around 8 on Saturday morning, the van was loaded and all the animals double-checked and Matt and I walked around the house making sure the water barrels were filled and gates were latched. We got on the road around 9:30, arrived at Cane Creek around 11:30 and were checked in and on the trail by noon.

We hiked straight to the campsite at the old beaver pond, it's called Creekside now. The first time we hiked to that point, it took us nearly 2.5 hours to get there. This time, it took a little over an hour.

We ate lunch and walked around deciding where to set up the tents. Once we had the campsites all set up, everyone spread out and did their own thing for a while. Jake crashed and slept a while, Ben and Chan played in the creek, then played in the tent.

Around 4, Matt and Jake hiked back to Linden Meadows to get water and I went ahead and made dinner, Ben and Chan ate first, then me and I had time to get the last round on and cooked and it was sitting on the table in the pot letting the sauce thicken when they got back.

We decided by 5:30 that we needed a fire! Matt got one going despite the soaked wood from the 3 inches of rain the night before.

The kids headed off to bed before the sun even set. It was COLD. Ben got back up and sat by the fire a little longer and we watched the moon come up over the ridge. Once he was settled, Matt and I headed to bed. We could hear barred owls calling and a whipoorwill and an occasional train whistle in the distance.

I am always cold when I first get in bed, even at home I will shiver until the covers are warm. Well...I shivered and and shivered and then my feet went numb and only what was against Matt had any warmth. We moved some things around, I went out by the fire to thaw a little. We did that most of the night, Matt snoring (which he has not done since the first of the year) and me shivering. Us both trying to get warm to no avail. We had 2 bags that zipped together and another fleece bag on top of those and we added a heat-reflecting tarp in between the layers, but it was just not enough. I was wearing long johns, a nylon t-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, fleece-lined pants, cotton pants over those and my jacket and a hat and wool socks. And I shook with the cold the whole night.

Between shots, I realized I did not have the camera set for 'cloudy day' and my pics were blue-tinged!

Ben crossing the creek, above and below!

Day Two